Not just mom, much much more!!

When god gave moms, he gave me the best one! That’s what everyone of us can relate to. The one woman power who is behind everything you are and turn out to be. your role model since then when you didn’t even knew the meaning behind this word. Those two arms, which are always there to comfort you during ups and downs, those two ears which are always open to hear what you have to say. You may think it’s just a silly nothing, but she never takes it less than a huge crises.

She’s always there for those guidance we may need in different dillemas of life. She always knows the answer to our unknown solutions. The woman who can satisfy our curiosity the best way possible and look after our needs even more than we ourselves can.

My mom, my role model, a typical Indian house maker who cared for all, looked after everyone in the family in the best way she can. Who knitted our family together in the threads of love and care over the years. Who knew well enough what each if us wanted, tolerant to the extreme, caring to no bounds, knowledgeable even more than a scholar, helpful to no limits, silent yet knew how to speak a thousands words of teachings to her kids. Wise enough to defeat any Einstein in the field of life, I think mom was an all rounder like the mother character of Mamta ( Reema lagu ) in the movie, hum sath sath hai

She always had a hand in excellent cooking. Fashion, she knew which colours would suit us well.  She knew how to preserve relationships with care and love. Never saying a know for a noble deed, always ready to help anyone who’s in need. She so resembled the filmy mamta, the symbol of maternal love! 

 In each phase of life, my mom helped me to deal my problems on my own independently while she stood in the back as a rock solid frame of support. The meaning of life she taught me and my siblings helped us to stay united and strong even today come what may!

Today, since eight years, she is not amongst us. Life seems to have taken a different route without her guidance and care. We still miss those moments of care and affection and love we shared under her presence, but all the same, we are grateful. For the tips she granted us with each of her wise steps in life, have always been the mentor in difficult situations. Today, she may not be between us, but I still love her towards  eternity and back!! 

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