When I explore happiness!

Happiness is so unpredictable! Sometimes when you have everything, you want to be happy and contented, but a hollow feeling inside you never lets this happen. While, amidst a crises, when everything’s so very wrong, a sudden glow of happiness engulfs you from nowhere. But, whatever so, being happy is just a heavenly feeling! Its always so refreshing and makes you love your life and everything in it all the more.

Just like each individual is different, each of us have different reasons that make us happy at different circumstances. For some, its even the small moments that leads to heaps of laughter, while for some, a tremendous comedy movie seems not enough even for a smile.

Being a carefree individual, loving my life the way I do, I get happy quite easily! Almost everything around me seem to make me happy by just being around me. I like my world being filled with variety of God’s and humans creations, hence, appreciate everything and feel happy that they do exist in my world and I am able to see them, cherish them.

But, when I am on my extreme gloomy mood, when nothing seems to be having the jolly meaning it once carried, getting happier is a task! Then, I guess a sudden change in the environment, some fresh and cool freeze blowing around me soothes me very much. I feel happy by hearing some good bollywood music. Be it my all time favourite 90’s songs, or soft musical 2000 era hits, it really does the wonder. I really feel immense joy when ever I visit a library or a book store. Being so passionate about books, everything about them makes me super happy and excited.

A hardchore foodie as I am, even the sight of good food, especially desserts is enough to bring a wave of happiness inside me. I feel the most glad when I see my husband and babies content and happy. Even just knowing that they are safe and sound and are smiling, makes me feel the most happiest person of earth. 

Travelling is another thing that makes me the happiest soul you would have met. Exploring places I have never seen before is one charismatic reason that works always. 

There’s also a different kind of happiness, the unique joy that’s above all joys. Its the joy of giving! I feel the most happy and content and extremely blessed when I give someone something, and that something is enough to bring a smile on their faces. That’s when I feel truly happy and proud of myself, content that even when I am not happy, I can make someone else happy, that ultimately becomes the reason of my pleasure too.

Apart from all these, blogging, my passion for writing makes me happy too. If not all these, the hope for a better tomorrow, the optimistic feeling that the future stores so much happiness for me, becomes the most sweetest reason of my happiness! 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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  1. Ya, me too , am a hard core foodie. Love the time spent with loved ones!


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