Finland- Fastest ten reasons to visit the alluring country!

Europe is one of most beautiful places on earth .The countries in UK are known for their great hospitality and some real great heritage .One of those European countries is Finland .A northern European nation bordering Sweden and Russia is a real beauty when it comes to being blessed with wonderful lakes .

The astounding destination that has some wonderous white snow shield most of the times of the year and flaunts some alluring specatating places for tourists. Here are some reasons why your next vacation should be at Finland.

The far north of Finland is a must visit destination because most often it’s said that there the sun does not rise at all.

Finland prides in having the largest number of lakes of nearly 20 thousand lakes with
exellent water quality, deep green woods and thick forests around the sea .

The winter cross country here is ideal for skiing, alpline skiing and many skiing resorts

The Santa Claus is known to live in korvatunturi in Finland town.

The Moumin world in the outskirts of Naantali is a theme park based on the book, Moumin .

There are also innumerable museums with a large number of heritage blessings

During winter, large snow castle with ice hotel is built every year in North town .

Reindeer sleighs are also quite famous here with somi drivers or even dog sleighs .

Seurasaari Island with it’s parks and open air also known as Hietniemi Beach is a favourite spot to visit.

And last but not the least, the Jyvaskyla has the largest collection of Alvar Aalto buildings of architectural level.

These all comprise together to form a wonderful little paradise on earth, Finland. I am sure these pics and destinations tempted you enough to visit them soon and have
a gala glory time there !!

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