Jamaica- The Carreabean delight!

Jamaica is a destination favorite largely because of the gorgeous beaches that are sprinkled all over the island. With its breathtaking beaches, enchanting waterfalls and a captivating musical culture, Jamaica strikes a chord, offering an array of adventures for anyone. With prettiest waterfalls and lush tropical foliage, heading to Ocho Rios, the Blue Mountains, known for their coffee beans, trails, rivers and waterfalls are just some of the treat Jamaica offers.

Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs

Negril Beach is one of Jamaica’s most beautiful stretches of white sand and aqua sea. Tucked within groves of coconut palms, resorts fringe the shore here, from large all-inclusive resorts, with water sports abound, fish swimming and popular perch for sunset views and cliff jumping, it’s the most luxurious resorts in Jamaica.

Port Antonio

Port Antonio offers a serenic time at a slow pace. As the the area is less commercial than the other resort towns, you can do quite pretty things here like hiking jungle trails, rafting the Rio Grande, taking a tour to Reach Falls, and snorkeling and diving the coral reefs. It also includes an amazing swimming spot that’s around 60-meter- deep Blue Lagoon, fed by freshwater springs.

Blue Hole, Ocho Rios

Amidst the alluring beauty here, high in the rainforest-cloaked mountains outside Ocho Rios is the famous Blue Hole. The serenity it offers includes the picturesque view of waterholes fed by gushing cascades. With refreshing pools, water falls and jump off cliffs, it’s a desirable place for any adventure loving soul.

Rio Grande River

Rio Grande River has an impressive stretch of tropical rainforest which can be explored with pole bamboo rafts that allows you to gaze at beautiful scenery and gentle rapids. The calm feature of this river will transport you back to the world to your dreams.


Falmouth is one of the Caribbean’s best-preserved Georgian towns surrounded proudly by sugar estates and cattle land. Vidit this astonishingly beautiful place to view 19th-century Georgian architecture, Great House, a museum with heritage furniture and a rare collection of musical instruments and Wedgwood china, Good Hope Plantation, Red Stripe, Burwood Beach and Luminous Lagoon with it’s incredible marine phosphorescence.

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  1. jaya1966 says:

    Well, Jamaica is known for music, is it?. When I read this the image I conjured up in my mind was that of a pub where beer flows like water and an old man with a flowing beard strums a guitar entertaining visitors. And the Carribean seashores are a treat to look at. The blue color of the waters and the gentle waves. Boy! I would sure love to take a visit.

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  2. Kalpanaa says:

    Fabulous photos of the Caribbean makes me want to head there immediately.

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    1. Thanks you so much


  3. Pr@Gun says:

    Wow, awesome pics, its beautiful

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  4. RUCHI NASA says:

    Thanks for taking us to beautiful places each day.

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    1. Thanks Ruchi. Even I enjoy writing those up


  5. sukrisblog says:

    Enchanting beauty! Only read about it in novels or stories. Thanks for those wonderful pictures Seems out of the world.


  6. Wow! Beautiful pictures 🙂


  7. loved the pics! informative post!


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