Mysterious destinations in the world!

When we travel, we tend to explore sone beautiful places, some serenic locations, famous lakes and historic monuments too. But rarely do we get intrigued by the mysteries of the world. As we are exploring the world through these blogs, lets dive in ti this section and know about some most mysterious destinations of the world.

Bermuda triangle

The biggest mystery for the mankind, the most tricky puzzle of nature to humans, the Bermuda triangle is an unlocked mystery till date. From flying airplanes, to those ling cruises everything that has been disappeared from this triangle haven’t ever been seen again. Since centuries now, this unsolved mystery of this triangle in the Antartic ocean is a subject of debate amongst scientists and experts to know the reason behind the dissapearing of all those things that pass through it.

Lake Natron- Petrifying Lake

Another huge question mark for the experts here in the world cycle. This lake at Tanzania automatically creates a statue of any animal that dies in this lake. Done say it’s the high quantity of sodium bicarbonate that turns them in to scary statues. But the question is, does this solely has the capacity to turn the dead bodies of animals or birds into ever living mummies?

Blood Falls- Antarctica

This one’s the oldest mystery of the world. This fall at Antarctica, in the chilling and freezing climate turns red when it’s flowing down. Experts say, it’s because of the high content of iron in the water that makes it turn red, but what about the unique species that still survive under these falls and around hundreds of feet down?

Confluence of Rhone and Arve rivers

The confluence of the Rhone (Rhône) and Arve – a strange and mysterious natural phenomenon that can be observed in Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland. Arrow, where it joins the powerful streams, is a compound of two contrasting shades of mountain rivers. Water of the Rhone, which has its origin on the slopes of the Aar-Gotthard and the resulting Lake Geneva (Leman) are turquoise. While For the River Arve, the source of which is in Graian Alps are more typical gray and muddy pitch. The mystery of these two rivers never intermixing with each other though being flowing together is still a biggest mystery.

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain is one of the most beautiful, and beautifully hidden, treasures of Peru. The huge mounts being coloured in rainbow hues is an exciting site to look at. The mineral sediments of millions of years of evolution have created this most glorious effect, which is visible on many peaks and in different colour combinations. But still more explorations are going on to know the exact cause of these multiple colours.

These are just a handful of mysteries that incredible world around us has got. We have numerous more mysterious places like the dead sea, which doesn’t require you to swim in it, floating on it comes naturally. The wave mounts from Arizona, Mt. Kelimutu, the lakes that resulted due to a volcanic eruption, etc. are more such wondering destinations that always leave a question mark on your minds, do these exist?

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  1. jaya1966 says:

    Well, the mysteries of nature are many! The Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated me and now your article cites many such unexplainable things all around the world. Very interesting post.


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