Happiness spreads- beware!!


Happiness, a special feeling without with universe is incomplete. The amazing feeling that makes you love your life a little more, the sweet feeling that turns your moments in to memories! That awesome state of your heart that makes all your efforts so worthed! Yes, hapiness is precious, so are the reasons if that hapiness!

What hapiness is to me!

For me, hapiness is contagious! I feel happy when someone surprises me, gifts me something, praises my work or does something good for me! Got the reason behind my happiness? It’s always when someone gives me something, thus, when you share your happiness with others, it doubles up, gives you and others the reason to become happy.

For instance, you may feel happy when you have a great family, loving members in your family, awesome kids and lots of other things. But that’s only limited to you. You can actually get it increased. Doesn’t we all feel that we should include the world in our happiness when we are happy? Hence, when we share a little of our special moments with someone, it increases the happiness. The reasons for our smiles, when shared with others too can spread smiles for millions more.

Nurturing happiness

How do I nurture my happiness?

I feel happy when I buy a new cloth from market, but I feel happier when I donate my old one to my maid and she gives me that wide smile back because of it. I feel happy when my kid gives me a tight hug because of something I gave her, but I feel more glad when I whisper in her ear to give a tight kissy to grandma too, to tell her how special she is for her. And that tingling laugh of her, is precious. It gives me immense pleasure when my husband takes me out for a surprise dinner, but it makes me joyous when we treat the street kids outside the restaurant with a small sweet portion.

These moments are innumerable that define my happiness. But I have discovered just one thing, the real happiness is just not gaining or achieving something, it’s actually sharing that achievement with everyone that makes it special. Spreading happiness is the key to real happy moments in our life.

Let the world be happier!

I just wonder, if the whole world would start celebrating their moments by sharing their happy moments with each other, what a beautiful and happy universe would it be! I just hope one day, my message reach maximum individuals and they start spreading the charming disease of happiness in the whole world and in turn the world will turn in to a happy planet!!

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Thanks ishieta from http://isheeriashealingcircles.com to introduce me! Welcome the next blogger in the train, Judy Morris, an avid traveller, foodie and proudly describes herself ‘Jack of all trades’.. Writing has been her passion. Her articles have been published in city supplements of The Times of India and more. She has her travel and lifestyle website http://www.TheOtherBrainInc.com. Check her travel photos on Instagram at @freemindtree

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  1. Sweetannu says:

    Loves reading your views on happiness

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    1. Thanks a lot anahita


  2. Loved reading it
    Nicely Written In Short Way.


  3. sayeridiary says:

    Yes, its true. sharing double the happiness. I also feel, if people can share one-tenth of their happiness with other people then the universe will be the happiest place.

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  4. mahekg says:

    Sharing always doubles your happiness, lovely post


  5. Purple Dreams says:

    You said it right. Happiness doubles once shared.

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  6. aishvedh says:

    Rightly said happiness shared makes the universe a better place

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  7. i love when u say that may happiness reach everyone. that would be so wonderful ! great read

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