The next generation Timezone- Malad!

Weekend- kids- fun! The ultimate goal at the end of each week that has to be fulfilled by every parent. As parents we tend to plan a unique outing each weekend for kids so that they explore better, enjoy more and grow with wider aspects of knowledge. But the growing generation nowadays are faster than we can think of. These kids grasp rapidly and act momentarily within seconds. The same old beaches and parks are refreshing no doubt, but exciting isn’t the word for them. While our kids need excitement each new day with each new holiday.

That’s where Timezone saves the day! Our very dear Timezone has changed with changing time and generation and have upgraded itself for better. This next generation Timezone has everything power packed for our children. From exciting coin games to shooting targets. From spinning the wheels to building towers in virtual games. From dashing those cars to having a bowling match with family. Not to forget the 3D experience thrilling ride and multiplayer camel race. You just name it, they have it all planned and working out there, and just how!

I visited Timezone at Inorbit mall, Malad with my three kids and I was overwhelmed with the joyous face with which we returned home. My older kids of 12 and 10 years of age had a blast experiencing the fun that went with dashing the cars, collecting the tickets after each challenging game, having a fun time riding a bike and racing hard to win the car driving races too. The family bowling section is one of the best as it involved even me and my husband to compete with our kids in the bowling match.

The 3D show is a must try for all the kids of ages 6 and above. My son and daughter had a blast of thrill and adventure and were bubbling with excitement as they revealed the moments of tragedy and panic they felt along with the thrill when they had the 3D glass on. I just couldn’t stop my kids from getting out of the car driving and bike riding sections. They even spent an ample lot of time trying to collect the bundle of tickets from the ticket catcher games.

My little one of five years old loved feeding the chicken and in return collecting the rewards for the same. She was overjoyed when she won hundreds of tickets by just pressing the huge bubble gum button thrice. The process of putting the ring on the necks of the hungry birds was tough, yet cute. Though we couldn’t win the teddy as a prize after doing so, but we still enjoyed the process.

The cute slight moving comic rides and bikes for young kids are pretty enjoyable too. My baby shrieked with joy when she succeeded in grabbing a dairy milk chocolate from the winning machine game after so many efforts. And the excitement and satisfaction you get after smashing those evolving teddies is incredible too.

And do you know what was more exciting than this for my little ones The process of giving the ticket eater loads of tickets to eat and which gave them the points in return. These points than lead you to a room full of goodies where you can redeem your points to get your hands on some cool gifts like soft toys, chocolates, colours, tennis rackets and lots and lots of other tempting things for the kids.

In the end, you won’t even believe that you have spent almost half of your day going crazy with your kids as they moved from games to games to enjoy more and explore more. Tired na, after knowing how I went about with my three crazy Musketeers cheering for them in each game, crazily collecting tickets in buckets and later feeding it to the ticket eater then again repeating the same. But you know what, in the end, it’s worthy!

Well, my kids were reluctant to leave the place even after spending four hours and playing games continuously in that time span. This next generation Timezone seem to be on their wish list for the next weekend too. And may be the next one after that and the next one. Phew! The next generation kids have finally got their next generation freak out destination!

“I’ve shared my experience at the revamped Timezone  Inorbit Malad  in association with BlogAdda

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  1. arv! says:

    Looks like a great option for kids to freak out and enjoy.

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    1. yes, it surely is.

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