Unclog Your Baby’s Discomfort!

Babies and blocked nose!

A happy baby is a happy you! And for the baby to be at their best moods, they require proper and comfortable sleep and regular meals. And what not does a mother do to keep her baby happy!  But those days when your baby gets affected with rhinitis, those are the most difficult days and nights for the parents and the babies. They tend to cry a lot at short intervals during night time because they can’t sleep as the blocked nose discomforts them then.

Effects on rhinitis on kids!

Well, we all know that babies and toddlers are obligatory breathers, this adds in to sleep deprivation during blocked nose. This in turn makes them cranky during the daytime too. And because of this blocked nose the kids fuss a lot while having their meals too. It’s often seen that the children start losing weight regularly when they face rhinitis as it effects both their sleep and meal cycle largely. Even older children seem to feel down when they have rhinitis. They end up with distracted study habits and lesser play time with frequent mood swings too.

Parent’s take on curing rhinitis!

As parents you turn your attention towards various home remedies and medication for your child’s comfort. Some of us trust the grandma’s all time solution of turmeric milk that relieves the cold hence ultimately the congested nose in some days. While some parents believe a saline water provides relief here too. Vaporisers are also considered as one of the healers for blocked nose.

Nasivion is good too!

One of these remedies that have proved effective and providing comfort in most cases of rhinitis is NASIVION® 0.01 % & NASIVION® 0.025 % which are Well-tolerable and provide efficacious relief from rhinitis especially for little ones. These drops when given in proper dosage, that is, Nasivion® 0.01 % nasal drops for infants up to 1 year of age helps in relieving blocked noses hence it’s a fast-acting decongestant. With Oxymetazoline being its ingredient, Nasivion provides relief to block nose issues in baby in the minimum of time soothing them mildly, thus giving them the innocent care they need. For children aged between 1 to 6 years only, instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day can proof effective too.

Doctors first!

For all these blocked nose relievers you are using on your child, make sure you consult your doctor before the usage. They can even change the above mentioned dosage as per the age and health of the child. Don’t let rhinitis hinder your child’s growth and playfulness, provide them the gentle and effective care they need!

You can refer here or check the link here to know more!

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