#BlogchatterA2Z 2019 theme reveal!

It’s April starting soon guys! The month for which Indians wait desperately! Why? Well, because it’s a month gul of holidays and vacations! The onset of spring and summer bring lot of joy for Indians as they enter the holiday mode with family, friends, colleagues and so on! While the parents and teens are getting joyous on the onset of their vacations as it’s April, we bloggers are rejoicing the idea of the extravaganza we are gonna experience because of the excitement of daily blogging!

Oh yes! It’s April going to be soon and is the #BlogchatterAtoZ with blogchatter! The writing fest got which bloggers wait eagerly for the whole year to show off their writing skills on a daily basis for some more eager and excited readers! The fest where in though, we write more, you tend to explore more! It’s always the joy of sharing our inventions and creativity and you gaining with the same!

After an excellent response on my travel blogs of around the globe last year, this year, I’m going to go for an entirely different genre for the #AtoZbloggingfest. It’s going to be exciting, loving, hating, love, emotions and lots more emotions engulfed in a post daily!

Yes! You guessed it right! This year, I’m going to bring about the best in my creativity out with fiction! It would be a journey of hatred and more hatred and may be love too, you have to wait to know that, each day for 26 days all fitted in 26 blogs!

So are you excited to read a new twist in a most unique fiction blog daily for 26 days? Well, I’m overly excited to get publishing those blogs and just can’t wait for April to enter our calendars soon. Let’s hope the time runs fast and it’s }#BlogchatterA2Z here already!

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  1. This was quite a surprise. All the best

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  2. Good luck. Will definitely drop by to read your stories. Happy A to Z 🙂
    A-Z at Kohl Eyed Me
    A-Z at Something’s Cooking

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  3. Good luck Saba! I’m new to your blog but excited to read your works of fiction. I hope you’ll stop by mine too 🙂

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  4. Neha Sharma says:

    All the best for writing fiction, looking forward to reading your story.

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