Sangli-Maharashtra #XploreBharat!

The journey through incredible India is taking various turns and twists and is arriving to a new state, new city daily! Today, the train has arrived from the magnificent Ajanta and Ellora caves by preetispanorama to Sangli, a small yet serene place in Maharashtra.

Located at the borders of Maharashtra, just alongside Karnataka, Sangli is a small district consisting of various small villages and a more simple kind of lifestyle. More known as the turmeric city of India, this district still holds some primitive feel in it. Consisting of vast pasture lands with more than average fertility in them, most of the area around this city is covered with either forests or farms.

As I entered the city and started my journey towards my Aunt’s place, the lush green open farms provided a beautiful view to my city addicted eyesights. The fresh breeze, the huge roads and huge trees alongside the roads welcomed me with warmth in the weather. The houses here are surprisingly well kept, equipped and spacious. Almost every second home is a multi storied Bunglow with a big garden or verandah on the outer side which is often used as home plantations. I actually had at least six vegetables grown on the home gardens of my aunty during my stay here.

While the city plays a non existent role in most of the maps and books across the country, you’ll be surprised to know that this city offers the best quality and highest quantity of turmeric in world. Apart from it, it also prides in having the biggest sugar factory in Asia. Also, the educational colleges, especially the engineering and medical institutes are ranked as one of the best amongst whole of India!

Though I would recommend a leisure trip to this city to just unwind yourself as you stroll around the green parks or gaze around the pastures of farms and take in the breath of fresh air while you devour their local maharashtrian cuisine, there are also certain places of tourist interest in the city which also strives to have a long history behind them.

The Sangli fort has an incredible history behind its existence. This fort along with having some important government centre in it, also includes a museum in it. The vintage fort expertly generates lots of knowledge of some of the old history period though it’s cravings and museum.

Irwin bridge is another tourist attraction in this city that’s included in the city’s heritage sites. This firm bridge was built during the British rule and connects Sangli to some prominent places nearby.

Dandoba hill is another beautiful part of the city that gives you a refreshing view and experience when here. The view from the hillside, especially during monsoons is magical. You just couldn’t miss the scenic beauty it has when you’re anywhere near sanghli.

Apart from these famous destinations, there are great many temples to visit especially for devotees. The basic lifestyle here, the simplicity and the pure aura of the city, the slow life cycle is another pride of the place. Specially for metropolitan residents like myself, I find immense solace and peace when I visit the city and just love plucking the farm fresh veggies and having a simple meal prepared with it!

Get ready for a cool trip to jodhpur and Jaisalmer with Rohan tomorrow!

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34 thoughts on “Sangli-Maharashtra #XploreBharat!

  1. Thanks for sharing the interesting details about this place, Saba. I never heard of it before. Turmeric city of India is again a new addition in my GK 🙂 Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know of Sanghli as the actress Bhagyashree is from there, I think part of a royal family, if I remember right.
    I didn’t know anything apart from that about the Turmeric City, but thanks to your post, I now do.
    Wish I could see the pictures accompanying your post. Unable to view them.


  3. I have visited Sangli twice but never been to any of these places. Though had watched a TV show about the turmeric factories. Loved the post and it has changed my next trip’s plan, will go as per the given details this time.

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