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After some hours, all her clothes and assecories were packed up in a corner and there were two men from the local trust institute ready to take away her furnishings and kitchen appliances. As it is she won’t be needing them soon enough, so why not donate it all! As for now, the lighter she owned the better would be it for her. Even if she doesn’t find a place to live, she can always go to a nearby railyway station and spend the night with her suitcases. But she hoped that doesn’t happen to her. She gulped those sudden tears ready to emerge as she saw her beloved belongings bring taken away by those men.
After spending a night with no sleep on the uncomfortable floor, she was ready to bid her lovely home the final bye. It was still eight in the morning but she didn’t want to face that monster when he comes in for the key and hence gave that key to the owner and went away without taking a back glance. She won’t be able to bear the pain of loosing her dear home. She remembered the morning when she met that monster. Who knew just an encounter of five minutes would leave her stranded on the streets within a weak.

“No cat fights with your room mates, cleaning your rooms is your responsibility and even once if you are late than midnight, the next day you can find yourself another place. Is that clear?” The manly looking female tagged as the warden of the hostel warned her in dangerous tones. She just nodded and went in her small room with four beds and four single cupboards in total. So, this is going to be her whole world hence forth, she sighed glancing around the dull faded walls. At least it was better than spending the rest of the times on streets or stations. Damn that man, didn’t he even think how can a girl survive in this city without a home and leave in streets? Or even die? She was damn sure this man had no heart.

Thinking of heartless people, she suddenly remembered her boss. It was already 9:30 and she have to touch the office at ten. Her boss payed her workers well and made sure they worked for each penny as hard as he wanted. One more cruel monster in the corporate world. It was great that God had heard his prayers and they didn’t call her yesterday but today, she was sure she wasn’t going to be spared. She quickly got ready to catch the next bus to her office, unpacking can taken care of later.

She was almost running to catch the elavator to the fifteenth floor where her office was located. There seem to have been a strange hussle and bustle around the workplace today. “Lol! Looks like everyone has got the notice to empty this place too with in twenty four hours!” She mused as she stepped out of the elevator. “Sarah, boss wants to meet you urgently!” Her colleague, Rohan said while he rushed about to the other side of the office in an unusual hurry. She knew this was going to come. Of course the monster wouldn’t bear his one more days salary getting wasted on her and that too without a prior notice. No doubt he was going to make her work and hear some things extra for it.
She knocked at the bosss door and after a reply went in. “Good morning sir!” Seems so he had a guest and unusual for him, he was standing and ready to go somewhere. Wow! Mr monster boss is not going to see her doing all those work but definitely will leave a pile for her. She thought silently as he glanced at her, but strangely he wasn’t starring at her in anger as he used to always do after her holiday. Instead, he actually smiled! She was surprised but chose to keep quite and hear what was coming for her now. “Good morning Sarah! Looks like yesterday’s holiday haven’t been able to give you some glow too. You look weak and lethargic.” He commented and she was ready to fall because of the surprise. Did her slave driver boss actually noticed her weakness and commented on it. Hope she wasn’t day dreaming. “I’m alright sir” she just mumbled as he went on. “So, miss Sarah i have got a good news for you. We were checking the workers progress and efforts and we really liked yours. Hence, you’re being promoted as PA of the firm hence forth.” Sarah was glued to her spot. She was shocked was a small thing to say. Though she never took her job as something less than a blessing, she always wanted to have an important, great position in the company. Though she knew she didn’t have so many days to live that job, but still God made her dream come true at least some days before her death. She felt the tears of happiness come in her eyes and blinked back as she smiled happily towards her boss. At least something was happening good today. “Thank you so much sir. I’m honoured you thought about me.” She answered with excitement in her voice.

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  1. Finally, she is getting something good. Please keep her safe before the khan monster finds it out


  2. Haaaa, I know she is going to be the PA to that dammed man. Please…please…turn around the tables NOW!


  3. I am waiting eagerly for today’s post


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