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His boss smiled and said,” I knew you would glad hearing this Miss Sarah. And you deserved the spot. So I have kept this contract ready for you to sign. You just have to go through them and sign when you’re ready to take the job.” He handed her the papers which she almost grabbed and read properly. It was the regular contract that she have signed even before and thus signed it and handed back to the boss. “Here sir! When do I have to join in with the PA position sir?” She asked earnestly. Though she knew now even her work load would increase but she loved her work too and this position with the salary mentioned in the contract even though for a short period of time meant happiness. “You can start from today, now if you like.” He smiled “ok sir! So I will take up the charge from now itself. Let me know what I have to do.” “Sure! But first I have someone here to meet you.” He pointed towards the man whom she have forgotten entirely as he sat with his back towards them. “You’ll be glad to meet him miss Sarah, He’s Adil Khan, the king of cooperates in India.” He pointed to the now emerging man from his seat as he turned and looked straight towards her.

Sarah gulped! Suddenly her sixth sense started signalling her about something being extremely wrong.
“So, Mr Khan. Here’s your company and you’re inchage of it from now! Hope you can get it to more heights and it was nice working with you!” He shook hands with him, turned and saw her shocked face. “Oh! Ms. Sarah, you weren’t here yesterday right? So you don’t know about the grand take over. Actually Mr. ADIL took over the company yesterday in quite good rates.” He explained it to her pretty happily and shrugged his shoulders and continued, “I wouldn’t have sold the company as it was already going on well, but you know mr. khan knows how to make all the mergers possible and successful and well, I won’t mind having an already successful company to handle at Europe, you know! Well, here’s your new boss and hope you enjoy working with him.” He pleasantly finished his talk to her and then stood talking with some papers with the NEW BOSS!

Sarah went over to the sofa in the corner of the room and sat there glaring at the duo. So much for the happy day it was for her today! ADIL Khan was his new boss and she was his PA! PA for Gods sake meant personal assistant and she had no doubts about his personal approaches and the ruthlessness he can get in to. What kind of a mad mind he was! Buying medicines, even smal flats was ok, but was he insane, buying a huge multi miilion company to make her suffer? No, this should be a coincidence. Why would a multi milonare bother to buy a million dollar company to make her suffer. Making her kill or kidnap would have been far easier and cheaper. And a merger within a day! That means …… her brain stopped working. Now she knew hey hadn’t there been any call from the office the previous day. It wasn’t her prayers answered but her sufferings getting increased day by day.
May be that’s the reason he gave an urgent notice to vacant the place. So that she could be busy out there and he can easily take over the company and get her as his slave, his PA! And that was the biggest issue now. She dropped her face on her hands and sighed hard. What was she going to do now. She just couldn’t continue with the job with this khan and bear his piercing glances all day long.

She stood staring on her feet! His patience was crossing limits. “Look, I’m telling you once again, I want your office shifted on the cabin opposite to mine, did you get that? Now keep moving we have loads to do!” She still stood like a statue busy staring at some damn thing on her feet and continued to avoid his orders. He could easily have grabbed her by the shoulder and told her to carry out the order. “Are you listening miss PA SARA?” He chewed each word and asked her again and she cared not to budge again. “What are you staring at damn you!” He pulled her wrist and get her look at him and she just looked at him plainly, silently, kept staring. “Ok! What do you want” he breathed a long sigh and asked her. He wanted to exactly why was she behaving in this strange way. Her old boss was long gone and she knew well enough that she has to continue with the job, she seems to be smart and would have known the clauses of the contract. That’s why she hadn’t insisted upon leaving the job, or may be needed it badly. And he was surprised to see her sit there normally and accept him as a boss and her new position with such calm. He actually expected a shocked SARA with loads to argue and lots of insisting to resign. But she actually sat there idly and even took some notes he gave her while she jotted them down on her iPad.
It was now, when he ordered her about her cabin arrangements that she behaved as if she hadn’t heard anything and was acting so strange. Hence, he guessed may be by asking her wish he can actually know what she intended to do. “I need a separate cabin. I won’t shift on the opposite one!” She said adamantly this time and there was somethk in her voice which portrayed she wasn’t going to get convinced otherwise.

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  1. I am waiting for the next episode. You have got very nice writing skills. You have captured my interests


  2. Now! I sense that things are going to change


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