Little win!

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“No! I need my PA in my office space! Is it clear?” He ordered strictly this time but to no vain. She was again the statue she behaved previously. He got irritated. She, though got scared with his serious tone and feared he’ll be doing something wrong, didn’t budge from her place. Bless Gandhiji to teach us the way of silent protest. Let’s see if it works with this ruler. She thought silently and continued to stare down on the floor. “What do you think you’re doing acting childish? When ADIL khan commands, his workers accepts.” He tried again in strict tones but when she didn’t budge again, we pushed her towards the nearest wall. She was unaware of the sudden attack and tried to run away but his hold was firm and he blocked her with his arms on both the sides of the wall. She looked at him with a mixture of fear and shock.

“So, are we getting an answer or a reaction now? Bring in all your assecories to get your place in this cabin itself. Am I clear?” He asked hiding his smile and trying to look serious while in his heart he was enjoying her fearful reaction and the way she was standing there, all nervous with those huge starry eyes staring at him directly. “I’m not going to work fro here, is that clear to you?” She gathered all her strengths and answered him back in his own tone. She knew he was his boss now and it can be dangerous talking to him this way. But she couldn’t help. Standing with him

So close and imagine being in his gaze the whole day while he would be driving her crazy with all his works and demands. She knew working with him would be nothing short of a prison life, but the damage has been done. Now she just couldn’t add to the misery by staying in his cabin the whole day in front of him.

“Do I have to remind you you’re talking to your boss and I’m not accustomed to this kind of language and tone. You better get yourself trained, otherwise…” He was actually a bit surprised by the way she answered him. “Otherwise what? You’ll fire me?” She challenged him back. Knew he wouldn’t be doing any such thing. The challenge got to his nerves. He moved more forward in full range. He could have harmed her if she wasn’t a lady. But he just glared in her eyes and touched her cheeks with his finger knuckles. “No my dear, I won’t fire you. I’ll make you pay for your tone and behaviour just as you’re paying for your bad deed on that day. And you know when I make someone pay, I can to extremes for it. Do you want me to remind you?” He loved scarring her. She was actually drenched with sweat and looking as if she’s witnessed a ghost as he drew nearer to her and his last words made her gulp. It was against his nature, but he just couldn’t control himself from teasing this girl whenever he got a chance to do so.

“Well, it’s decided then, you’re shifting in this cabin right?” He asked her again as he closed some more gaps in between their faces. He was so engulfed in the magic of her fragrance, the magic of being around her so close, he hated her right, his mind warned her. How can someone hate her, she looked so beautiful, so pure!

He was busy in the dilemma of his mind and heart when she suddenly pushed him back and ran out of the office saying, “I would not work if it’s working in this office. I’m taking the adjacent cabin.” He was surprised and suddenly came back from the magic. He went back to his chair and closed his eyes and he rested his head on the chair. It seems something unusual was happenig with him. He hated her, she was his enemy. That was why he was hear. Buying a not so interesting firm just to be her boss and keep her engrossed in her house changing as he took over the place. It was all to make her suffer and he was winning over here. He loved seeing her shattered. Paying back with all she had dear to her. The feeling was great. Then why did he felt a soft corner for her after he went away from her or why did he wanted to just stare at her when she was in front of him? “Infatuation my boy! You need some play with all your work.” He closed his mind shut giving his reason. But he just couldn’t let her get away by leaving her like any other worker. She’ll have to slave around. Have to suffer the whole day and for that he need to keep track of her whereabouts. He smiled as he got another plan in his mind. It was soon going to be break hour, righ? “So ms. SARA PA, here you get your personal cabin away from me, but I promise, I’ll still keep a track of your each second and watch you all day long from here!”

He picked up his phone and commanded someone something urgently and went outside to the adjacent cabin. “Ms. SARA! You can have this place as your cabin. I don’t have any issues.” He adressed her formally as even other staff members were there. She jolted and turned to see him but couldn’t meet his eyes and looked away. He loved to get a glimpse of that blush on her face which he saw that day. He knew why she suddenly got so nervous. Even he felt a strange sweet feeling thinking about how he felt inside some minutes back. “Okay! Focus ADIL! It’s time to attack!” “Ok staff, it’s break time and you can enjoy your meals in the office canteen and we shall be back to work exactly after one and half hour!” He clapped and addressed all of his staff in a soft tone but a command was there in it as well. He saw the whole staff along with the PA drift away towards the elevators while he waited with his hands in his pockets.

“So. It wasn’t much difficult!” She thought as she made her way towards the canteen. “Just a little childish behaviour and mr. khan gives in. Phew! Atleast she wouldn’t have to bear those piercing glares from him all the time. Loads of work and occasional attacks she can work with. Thank God!” She smiled relieved.

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  1. Interesting plot.. Waiting for the next installment.


  2. It’s great to see her retaliate 💪


  3. Hmmm! Thing get interesting from here. They say obsession of any kind is dangerous. And Adil’s obsessive hatred is now taking a confusing turn. Carry on my girl carry on…


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