Mixed emotions!

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The workers were just on time. “So how much time you need?” He asked them firmly. “Approximately two hours at the most sir.” “Make it one and a half, but do it perfectly and finish it fast. If I see any mistake and if you are seen here after the given time, you know what’ll happen with you!” He commanded and went out of the office so that they can work in a peaceful environment and finish the task faster.

For the first time in his work life he stepped in his office canteen and that too in the lunch hour. It was always dining out with clients in a sophisticated restaurant or just grabbing in the meals in between computer sessions in his own cabin. But today, he was here in the office canteen going through the menu they provided and deciding what to eat. There in the far corner he saw her. Sitting quietly on a table all alone while others chatted around pleasantly with someone or another. There were strange beans and leaves on her plate which she was having as if it was the most tastiest meal on the earth. Strange, he thought. “What girls can do to maintain their figures.” No wonder she always looked so fragile and thin and always white. How can a person survive having just some seeds and leaves for lunch. At that moment she looked up from her plate. As if sending someone staring at her as looked straight in his eyes. Though she was surprised to see him she didn’t like the idea of him having her caught eating the simple lunch. It was nothing about money but she had long back left eating the regular meals. Her health demanded such kind of diet. These seeds were essential for her in this stage.

She looked away to gaze back at him and strangely though, he was still sharing at her. “Strange man! Keeps on staring at me as if I’m available for his luch. So much for the boss position he’s in to.” She mumbled and got up. It was still quite some time for the break to get over but she can actually relax in her personal cabin than be X rayed here by adil Khan. He sensed her going out of the canteen when he called her, “Ms. SARA! If you’re done with the lungh, we have some important tasks to discuss.” He stopped her midway. “but sir, it’s the break hour.” She stopped midway to reply him back. “So? We are working from the canteen now. And what difference does it make? As long as I’m the boss and you’re the PA, we have to work together whether it’s work hour or sleep hour!” “Ok sir! She answered slowly and sat on his table while he started dictating some important notes which she noted in her iPad. She could feel those curios and pityful glances from the staff around to see her working in the break time and some imagining the reason behind her sudden promotion to the PA post.

After two hours of continuous typing and sitting in the same position in the canteen in front of the monster, she was finally I her own cabin. She fell on her chair and closed her eyes resting her head on the back of her chair. She could still feel the penetrating glances of that mr. khan on herself. She knew he kept staring at her all that time while she noted down his quotes. But she dared not gaze up or challenge his eyes, she didn’t knew why, but that was something pretty difficult and confusing to do.
ADIL khan watched as she faced her chair towards him and relaxed on the chair with her eyes close. He smiled looking at her. “So, Ms PA, as I promised, I can see you whenever I want and all the time while you won’t even know you’re being watched.” He smiled and thought. The workers left exactly at the time given to them. He loved the work they had done in the very short period of time.

The work load for the next few days work was unstoppable. She used to start with as early as 9 in the morning and used to work continuesly till 9 in the evening. Wrapping up everything and setting off to home, it was usually around late till she used to lie down. She never really got the time to think about anyone let alone the cruel boss! Even going to the doctors seem to be impossible, hence she had no clue what was going on her health now. She just felt a little more weak each day.

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  1. I was waiting to read. It’s intriguing. I am loving the plot


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