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That day she had a slight headache and was a little late to the office. When she entered her cabin, she had a huge pile of work awaiting her. She kicked her chair with frustration. “Hello, Ms. PA, I think you should be at the office before your boss comes and take care of the workload yourself while here I have to check if you are at the office and send you across the work you should be doing daily.” He taunted her on the call which made her fume even more.” Yeah sir! Because of which you send across the work load of a dozen PAs to me.” She taunted in return. “Why not, I pay you handsomely for the same.Youre a pointed to do the work you do. Whatever, I want you to rewrite the whole report once again that you prepared today and bring it in my cabin with in an hour.” He orsered Her rudely and hunged up while she kept on mumbling of it being impossible. She knew he was doing it deliberately. As much as she knew her reports were perfect and he himself have checked them all yesterday. This was just his way to either punish her for being late or keeping her totally busy when there’s not much to do in the office. She threw the reports she made yesterday on the table with a force she never knew she had. As if she was throwing a huge on stone on ADIL khans head and began tearing those papers fiercely. After tearing all of them she grabbed them and threw them in the direction of the mirror which was on the wall that separated her cabin from his. She actually thought as If she was throwing those papers on him.

She threw her scarf on the floor and sat on the chair and began breathing heavily.She wasn’t ever a person with tantrums but these tactics of the boss always brought the impossible from inside her. She drew in hard breaths and began focsusing on her work, she has already wasted fifteen minutes in destroying the reports and she was quite sure the monster won’t spare her being late at all.

ADIL Khan was actually enjoying this view from his room. He loved to see her in ashes, throwing and tearing her own hard efforts in to the wastebin. He actually frowned and felt as if she was throwing the papers towards him, but later he smiled, Ofcourse she can’t even deam of doing it in real. Let her imagine and be happy!

After exactly one hour her phone rang and she knew before picking it up who and why was calling! “ Ms. PA, Can I get the reports please?” He directly went in for the work. “Ofcourse sir! Within a minute.” She chewed each word and sat there preparing it at her own speed and calm. ADIL was quite surprised to see her working more calmly after the call. Yes, she was in a hurry before but now, she looked quite relaxed. He fumed knowing she can go sgainst her in this manner. “Ok Ms. PA, now wait for your next twist in life.” He thought and began calling his other office to get some more files to be tallied today, and Ofcourse by his talented PA, Ms. SARA!

She knew she was late and it was all

Intestinal. She knew he couldn’t do much worse to her than what he was already doing. He wont’t fire her, this thing was for sure. If yes, let him do the needful. And for punishing her, she thought with a slight water in her eyes, she had nothing to loose now. Every dear thing she had in life has gone already. So, let the monster give away his fire attacks, I’m ready!

She was shocked was a small sentence. She stated there open mouthed thinking of everything that have happened in the past few days. Yes! She haven’t been in his cabin since the day she joined. She didn’t knew why, but she felt getting close to him whenever she thought of those moments in this office between them. Hence, either work was sent in her cabin through punes or she was accompanying him in te conference rooms and meeting rooms which always had everybody around them. The scene she was now was enough to blow her mind. So, this was the reason he so easily gave up the idea of her sharing the cabin. He was watching her all day even now. The difference was just that she didn’t knew she was being stared upon and God knows what else have had happened and he would have seen all those from here.

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