5 Reasons, Why Guddu On ZEE5 Should Be A Must-Watch Show For Your Little One!


Children learn from their surroundings a lot! Each book they read, the comic they indulge in and the shows they watch give them some food for thought and hence they learn something new from each of these new activities they perform. Especially during the period when they aren’t allowed to freak out and mix with other kids, you can hardly expect them to be entertained and be in a good mood at home! Well, at this time, a good, entertaining, captivating and fun show with great values comes to your little one’s rescue! 



ZEE5 has introduced this new animated series on their website that has been trending even before it went on air! It’s the Guddu Animated Series on ZEE5 for Kids! The funny yet interesting story of a vegetarian lion who owns a circus in a small town named Dhimkana Nagar is really intriguing. Along with his cute animal friends, he’s always ready to help the distressed and fight against wrong and supporting the right. 




All You Want To Know About Guddu – The Animated Series On ZEE5!


The Best Animated Series Guddu on ZEE5 takes you to a virtual tour to an exciting town that is really different from the traditional towns or villages portrayed in usual animated shows. There are shops, good looking homes and even a circus in this town, Dhimkana Nagar. The lion in question — Guddu owns a circus and loves entertaining people with his unusual skill along with his super cute friends namely, Chugli and Ugli and Googly the monkeys, Veeru the rhinoceros, Ballu the elephant, Jiru the giraffe, Honey Aunty the bear, Heeru the deer calf and Bunty and Babli, the flamingos. There are also some antagonists in the series which are adamant to create lots of trouble for the town dwellers and most importantly for Guddu, his circus and his friends. It’s really interesting to watch this bunch of funny and talented animals take it on their shoulders to fight against all the negatives and make life easier for the people in town. And if you are still thinking of the reasons why your kid you should Watch Guddu Series on ZEE5, read on! 



1. The animation is beyond perfection— believe us when we say Guddu isn’t an ordinary show. It has some awesome visual effects along with portraying one of the most beautiful and captivating town and animal figures in the show. You can’t help getting addicted to the series and love gazing at the spectacular, high definition animation of the show. 


2. There’s a fantastic message for the kids — as parents, aren’t we often worried that our kid doesn’t get exposed to something bad? We always consider the message of the show primary. That’s where Guddu on ZEE5 becomes the best show. It explains to your kids how to fight the odds in life and how in the end, always, truth and right wins and stays forever. 



3. Javed Jaffery’s background voice is a temptation — haven’t we all spent our childhood hearing the fantastic commentary and dialogues of the comedy and dance king — Javed Jeffery? Well, this is your chance to let your kids enjoy the same magic too. And who knows, even you’d be tempted to Watch Guddu Animated Series in binge because of the great dialogue delivery by him.


4. It’s steaming on ZEE5– Everything aside, even if we consider the fact that Guddu is streaming on ZEE5, it’s enough for you to stay assured of the show. For ZEE5 has always this reputation of streaming some unusual adult and kids shows which are truly worth watching and even conveys the right message.





5. The amazing concept of the circus relives again — it’s really unfortunate that over the course of years, the concept of circus and the mind-blowing talent it portrays has diminished from the world. How I wished that my kids could actually see it live sometimes and appreciate the immense talent of the performers. (Not to forget the unlimited fun they could have after watching it). But thanks to ZEE5 for bringing this amazing show live which gave a rebirth to the long-forgotten concept of circus and the talent it consists. Now I don’t think so my kid would be left out in this field in anyways.



I think this Guddu; the vegetarian lion is simply cute! And his friends are adorable. My daughter shares my thoughts too. That’s why both of us are literally addicted to the show and love watching it. There are some similarly fabulous shows under the list of ZEE5 kids category which is worth checking.  And if you are pretty much convinced of the same after reading the above reasons, let’s join the fun by hopping on the train to watch this magnificent show! 



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