When most people hear the word cardio, they immediately think of running a mile! We all know how difficult it is to stay motivated, especially when going to the gym isn’t an option. Running is not for everyone, and not everyone owns a bike or a jump rope. Fortunately, not all cardio routines necessitate the purchase of expensive equipment. Below is a list of five exercises that you may incorporate into your routine to raise your heart rate and increase your cardiovascular activity.


Burpees are, without a doubt, the most popular at-home aerobic workout. They engage practically every muscle in your body by jumping high, reaching the floor, springing your legs back, and repeating. As a result, your heart rate is pushed higher and more blood is pumped. Burpees can be customised to suit all athletic abilities. To make it easier, instead of springing back into a plank, take a step back. If the conventional burpee is too easy for you, consider adding a push up to make it tougher.

Push-ups with Plyometrics

Plyometric actions such as tuck jumps and burpees are referred to as plyometric. The pace at which weight is moved rather than the quantity of weight in a motion is the focus of these intensive movements, so a faster rate equals more power. When you do a plyometric push-up with a lot of force, your hands will leave the ground, which will undoubtedly drive your heart rate up! If you want to do more reps at once, find an elevated surface to press off of, such as a table or a chair.


Step-ups are a fantastic technique to get your heart rate up. They’re the ideal alternative to burpees or rapid push-ups on days when you don’t feel like doing them. This workout has considerably lesser physical stress on your joints because it consists of just stepping up onto an elevated surface and stepping down again. Stepping allows you to keep a better eye on your heart rate than in the previous part, and the mobility of step-ups allows you to change the height of your step based on what you have available. Lower steps still qualify as cardio as long as your heart rate is elevated. Knee-high steps will really push you.

Power Lifts

Powerlifting combines weights into your cardio workout, which can help you develop muscle definition and power while simultaneously getting your heart rate up. Swings and cleans, which use the muscles as a driving force for the motion of the weight, can be performed with a dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, plates, or any moderately heavy object you can find lying about the house.

Tuck Jumps

Tuck leaps, when done correctly, can quickly raise your heart rate. This explosive movement entails maintaining your chest up and your back flat while springing off the ground as soon as your feet land from the previous jump. To pull your knees up high and squeeze your core, concentrate on those strong leg muscles.

Another approach to incorporate these heart rate raisers into your workout is to do a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. Start with two minutes of comfortable step-ups, then go straight into one minute of burpees. Return to step-ups for another two minutes and repeat the technique five times, or as many as you can. Does it appear to be overly simple? best of luck!

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  1. This is really insightful and much needed! Thank You so much for this blog!


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