Face stress the smart way!

When negativity reigns, you know you are in trouble! The more you think to untangle those complexities, the more they seem to intervine in them strongly. The miserable feeling following this does the rest! You seem to feel as if you are on the worst cloud of your life at the worst piace in the worst time. But still, as the best is always yet to arrive, so is the worst. You just can’t say whatever you have still faced was the worst, you just don’t know if tomorrow comes knocking your today with more negative incidents.

This, is what increases your stress level boosting it to its extreme and you acting immensely weird. No doubt, you tend to bark at every second person available, cry as if you just lost a loved one, think so negatively, as if there’s nothing good left in your life. This needs to be repaired, any how! Or else, you’ll end up with a tangled needed of incidents In your life making it more miserable to lead.

So, lets glance at some of these handy steps which will help you distress and emerge as a winner in this losing situation.

  • Drink a glass full of chilled water or a sweet juice or drink in this situation. Many a times, people tend to eat junk or get a craving for the same at depressed times. Well, that’s just your body actually demanding water, but we tend to avoid it and in result consume loads of calories that’s need to be burnt later. More over, drinking chilled water may help in relax your senses and giving you time to over think the events in a refreshed way too. A sweet liquid would act as a glucose agent in case it’s reduced during those anger pranks you get.

  • Read something good and interesting. You may or may not be a reader for this method. But try reading something that would catch your attention instantly. It may be a bollywood gossip column or a romantic mills and boon novel. Try getting distracted from the current situation by this source as much as possible.
  • Write something that would help you bring out your feelings or canned up feelings through words. According to experts, writing plays an important role while people try to distress. When you just can’t speak your minds in front of people due to various reasons (that’s a major reason of increasing stress level), writing does help.
  • Breath in and out for some minutes or try a plank position. This will actually help you keep calm and divert your attention to some other situation all together.
  • Cook, bake, paint or create something. The joy of being creating your own idea in the form of food, song or painting for that matter is the best feeling and above all the others. Hence, while you concentrate on your hobby, you are actually beating up the rotating cycle of stress on top of your head. While, these are only stress relievers temperorily, the permanent remedy for releasing stress is facing it after giving your self the time it needs to reciprocate in the best way possible by following the above steps. After following these actions, you’ll perceive the situation in a more broad way, getting ideas to overcome the situations and try to help yourself by trying out each situation in a line. Never get demotivated just because plan A never worked, remember there are still 25 alphabets left to name those remaining plans. And in the end, always remember, life’s all about facing difficult situations and making way for the better ones. No challenges means no excitement in life. It’s not the end till you are alive! The best is yet to come, after the worst gets a proper defeat!

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