Clean and pollution free homes maintained easily!

As a parent I am usually so much worried about protecting my child from all odds! I try to make everything around them safe and sound so that they don’t get affected to anything harmful both physically and mentally. It’s a relative feeling to all parents too. We always tend to make sure our kids eat healthy, stay sanitised and stay in a clean surrounding, be protected from harmful diseases and what not, the list is endless. We always do feel something’s not safe even though we make sure everything is!

That’s the reason, I always make sure my kids are wearing mosquito repellents and proper clothings when outdoors to make them safe. At home, I know they are safe. I keep everything super tidy and clean to make sure they are! After all, our little heaven, our home sweet home is a place where we all relax and spend maximum of our times. I feel glad that my kids can stay well protected at our fully equipped home. With cctv cameras, fire extinguishers, modern technology machineries and spic and span clean home, my kids are exactly the best way they ought to be at their home.

But recently, while scrolling through twitter, I read a tweet that grabbed my attention! It said, the inner surroundings of our homes are five times more unsafe and polluted for our kids than the outer surroundings. This just left me so worried. If even after so much maintainence and cleanliness we are not safe at home, then where are we? This polluted air can cause my kids some respiratory diseases and flu too. I just can’t keep my kids masked at home! This thing has to be solved. This polluted air that was five times more dangerous than outer surroundings can effect my children so much.

Well, than I kept on thinking and came up with some ideas to avoid this situation. The answeres that I got were simply easy and can help a lot to avoid the accumulation of dust at home. These are:

  • Maintening door mats at entrance and cleaning and changing it regularly so that the outer dust gets absorbed on the mat.
  • Planting some saplings that’ll help in getting some fresh air at your house.
  • Usage of air freshener and deodorants only when your windows are wide open, so that least of it gets accumulated on your walls.
  • Getting proper sanitisation done after getting furniture polished and walls painted.
  • Keeping the corners clean and moist free with proper cleaning methods.
  • Usage of floor cleaners that provide hundred percent germ free protection. These are some little, easy ways that can keep you relieved that you are doing your best to protect your kids from polluted air. Apart from this, thanks a lot to, I came across this advertisement that provided a guaranteed solution for the problem. Asian paints brings about a new paint with advanced technology, Royal Atmos, a paint that helps purity air and absorbs the dust in air and keeps your home safe and dust free. Hence, making sure my home, sweet home remains safe and heavenly with no danger for my kids health wise or otherwise. To know more just check this video.

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