Symptoms of chikungunya fever you should know

Fresh air is so important these days!

The fresh air as you open your windows early in the morning or just by gazing at the breath-taking sunset from your verandah, is such a blissful feeling! But, what worries me is the fear of insect bites and the possibility of kids being infected with dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria or chikungunya. The threats of these diseases being quite serious. In order to keep myself and my family safe from them, I made quite a big note on the symptoms of chikungunya, a rapidly increasing threat in Asian countries which leaves quite an impact on a person’s health even after being cured. I have also jotted down some ways to prevent it.

Firstly, let me inform you that chikungunya is a viral disease (genus Alphavirus) that is typically caused by the bite of Aedes mosquito and is non-transmissible from person to person. The infected Aedes mosquitoes typically breed in or around human habitations and prefer to feed on humans during the daytime, in shady areas as well as in the evening.

Hence, while you are outdoors during these times, make sure you are applying good mosquito repellent gel or cream like Goodknight Cool Gel which contains aloe vera and is a skin-safe gel. If you have children who love to play outdoors during evenings, make sure you keep them safe by applying 4 dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on their clothes or simply stick Goodknight Patches on their clothes. Both the products are 100% natural and protect from these kind of mosquitoes.

Even if When you are indoors, make sure you are using a Goodknight Activ+ System to drive those mosquitoes away and stay relieved from diseases.

These are the preventive methods you should religiously follow each day to stay safe from chikungunya fever because there’s still no vaccine invented for the protection against it. The symptoms of the same are usually not visible until it’s a week after the patient is infected. According to most studies and research that I have done, the signs and symptoms typically start with chills, fever, vomiting, nausea, headache, joint pain, etc. There is also a high possibility that the fever may touch 100 to 104 degrees Celsius. It may also cause redness in the eye which means that one is likely to suffer from conjunctivitis and face difficulty in looking towards the light. This can lead to frequent and severe headaches which are also a common symptom of chikungunya that may continue for days together at a stretch.

Severe joint and body pain is quite frequent and keeps increasing as the days pass. Sometimes, the joints also swell up due to severe pain. Sometimes symptoms of Chikungunya are also known to cause rashes on the entire body which can occur frequently.

Apart from these, a patient can also experience severe case of retro – orbital pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, and meningeal syndrome which may lead to lot of weakness and dehydration.

Knowing almost all of these symptoms of chikungunya, if we notice them, we should consult our doctors immediately so that we can get proper medication as soon as possible. Suffering from this disease is be very dangerous especially, in the cases of senior citizens, children and pregnant ladies.

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