An unyakeenable ULIP plan from Edelweiss Tokio life insurance!

Investments, insurances, and financial stability! These are so very a vital part of our present lifestyle and the key factor that’ll promise a better, planned future! With varied Investments and insurance plans pouring into the financial market, the task of choosing the perfect one that suits your needs and demands become difficult. Amongst the confusion whether to choose between the ones with short returns in short times or long returns in long times, Edelweiss Tokio Life insurance came up with a great new product that meets most of your needs for a better, secure, profitable future. Moreover, this newly launched ULIP is an #unyakeenable, new generation ULIP that invests with you!

ULIP, A unit-linked insurance plan is among the better insurance products currently available in the market. A ULIP offers a policyholder life protection against future contingencies with the option to invest in different asset classes like equity, debt, and other money market instruments wherein some amount of the premium which the policyholder pays is invested in funds of the policyholder’s choice. This gives way to the policyholder to financially protect his/her family in case of any unfortunate event and can get a return on his/her investments at the same time.

In the recent event of the launch of this product in Mumbai, CEO Deepak Mittal explained on how the unbelievable is possible by getting cash back in your investments.

The new product was launched by India’s pride, Saina Nehwal, on 18th November 2017.

Furthermore, they explained about how it’s a totally no cost investment plan with various benefits.

The key features of this ULIP plans are:

  • No allocation and administration charges – A Zero Cost ULIP since there are no Policy Admin Charges and 100% of the premium is allocated. For a policy with premium paying term of 20 years, 80% of the investment is added back into the fund, something no other finance product offers. The longer you stay invested, the better are the benefits.

  • Additional allocation – Along with the addition of allocating 100% of the
    premiums paid during the premium paying term, it provides an additional allocation
    every year.

  • Rising Star Benefit – Selecting this plan will help to cater to your children’s future financial needs, even in the absence of the policy holder.

  • Unlimited Switches – The #Unyakeenable aspect about the ULIP is the Flexibility to switch between funds, Partial Withdrawals and a promise that all their ULIP funds are top rated 4 Star+ by Morning Star.

Along with it, certain benefits of ULIP make it a promising plan to invest in, like for achieving long-term goals such as buying a house, buying a new car, opening a start-up, etc., ULIPs prove to be a good option. With the power of compounding, ULIPs provide a better return over a longer time horizon.

When you bring ULIP with a life insurance product, it provides tax benefits. For premiums paid, you get tax rebates under section 80C. So you are not only saving money but are can also see it grow.

Since ULIP as a product is offered by Life insurance companies, ULIPs fulfill your need for both investment and protection.

What I personally think after this launch, ULIPs can be an ideal investment option for your long-term financial goals, with liquidity, no additional charges, and being free of cost plan, it’s a must steal plan for a better and brighter future for my family and me!

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