Hair fall problem in kids and it’s causes and remedies!

Pre teens is the most important span of time in the lives of our kids! We all want them to grow up just perfectly, without any health or emotional problems. We, as mothers tend to even recite some great speeches and debates to discuss in front of our children in order to give them some enlightenment on this subject. Especially, when it’s our daughters. Gone are the days when growing daughters were assumed as headaches for their parents. Sadly so,even they grew up well and led a life of pride in their own sweet way. But today, growing daughters are epitome of beauty and happiness for all parents.

While our babies are growing in to beautiful girls, there are often some things that shouldn’t occur during their tender age. But these factors are making their mark because of various factors today like pollution, excessive intake of junk food, growing use of digital media, etc. These factors often affect the normal development of body and causing certain physical and psychological abnormalities that should otherwise have prevailed after the kid becomes full adult.

One of these serious conditions is, hairfall. Hair Fall, especially in girls during pre teens is an issue that’s needs serious attention. Because it may affect their hair growth during adult life a lot. And who knows, the hair quality and growth may never be the same ever after decades of caring and getting medical attention for the same.

As I said above, there are certain common factors of hair fall during this tender age, let’s get them checked in a more detailed manner:

Unhealthy consumption of food:

Due to increasing intake of junk food and aerated drinks be consumed largely, week roots of hair are a common problem. When the body doesn’t get enough nutritions, it tend to loose the grip in the roots too.

Less drinking of water

As we all know, hair fall and growth is mostly concerned with good intake of water. But kids nowadays, in their own sweet world, tend to feel lazy even to consume basic need of water.

Dirt getting accumulated in hair

Most of the kids are mostly outdoors, or even if in, we all reside in metropolitan cities,thus pollution and dust has a free entry at out place. Also the sweat gathering within hair leads to accumulation of dirt in hair.

Excessive use of chemicals and hair machines at a young age

Kids mimic and how! We know how our kids tend to copy whatever we do and this also is a great factor for weakening of their hair strength. Be it because of the trends going out largely or copying their moms and aunts, children colouring their hair with harmful chemicals and using hair straighteners and rollers at young age are doing a great damage to their hair growth.

Precautions and remedies

Proper cleansing process

Make sure your kids wash their hair thoroughly using fingertips pressure to scrub their scalp well with a mild shampoo regularly. At Least twice a week is suggested.

Oiling regularly

Just as our body needs food, our hair roots need their food, that is oil. If the hair fall has started or is increasing rapidly, don’t water time, use this remedial oil twice a week for child’s scalp.

  • 100 ml. Caster oil
  • 100 ml. Sweet almond oil
  • 50 ml. Virgin olive oil
  • 100 ml. Pure coconut oil.
  • 100 ml. Sweet almond oil
  • 50 ml. Virgin olive oil
  • 100 ml. Pure coconut oil.

Mix it all in a bottle and use only this oil regularly for your kids.


Increase their dosage of water. Explain them the need of it for a healthy body and hair. If hair fall has started, make sure you are giving her a whole fresh coconut oil once a week at the least.

Include the greens, proteins and vitamins

Increase the use of vegetables and fish in their diet. You can try making all sorts of junk food out of these healthy Ingredients too. Also, if hair fall prevails, start immediate intake of calcium and multivitamin tonics.

Ease them off

Make sure you are talking to your kids regularly. Because growing kids can be stressed due to some issues and may not reveal it all to you. This tension and stress may also lead to hair fall in this age.

Natural shampoo and conditioner

If your kid is facing extreme hair fall, avoid the market shampoo and conditioner for some time and start using reetha and yogurts in its place. The procedure to use the same is as follows:

  • Take 50/100 grams of reetha (according to your child’s hair volume)
  • Soak it for 1 hour, then boil it in the same water for about 10 mins. Let it cool.
  • Crush out the reetha from their seeds and remove out the leftover from the water.
  • Soak it for 1 hour, then boil it in the same water for about 10 mins. Let it cool.
  • Crush out the reetha from their seeds and remove out the leftover from the water.

Your natural shampoo made at home is ready.

For natural conditioner at home:

  • Mix 1 cup of yogurt with half teaspoon synthetic vinegar and 1 teaspoon honey.
  • Apply after washing your hair thoroughly.
  • Let it stay for ten minutes and wash.

Proper uses of bands when tying hair.

Always use soft bands and soft brushes when you tie up your kid’s hair, and better keep it tied most of the time to strengthen their roots.

These tips will surely help you with dealing with the hair fall issues attacking kids just before they enter or immediately after they enter their teens. Let me know if these were useful to you in the comments below.

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