A far cry from future!

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22nd March 2050,

The scorching heat, the blazing sun and heated winds! The usual summer afternoon in the middle of a busy street with a huge jam of vehicles that were continuesly honking around.

The cars and bikes have been stuck in the signals for about an hour now. The driver of a cab took out his 2.5 litres of water bottle and took a small gulp and put the bottle back in it’s place. The passenger sitting in the back seat was looking at him greedily. He cursed himself for finishing off his share of 2.5 litre of bottle so fast. He asked the driver, “can I get a small gulp of water too?” The driver looked at him hesitantly and said,”100 rs. for a single gulp.” The passenger agreed,”ok!” He took a small gulp from his bottle and returned the water back.

While the bunch of crows were flying around the now drying lake to get their share of water. The strays on the road weren’t now tempted by the bones the young boy was serving them. They were busy staring at the water bottle in the young boy’s hand. The boy followed their gaze and hide his bottle behind. The strays went away slowly with sad eyes. The bones remained on the floor as it is!

The society had a huge line gathered at their main entrance. The people were all carrying their regular buckets and bottles to get their share of water. They were standing in this line for water since ages now. Lately, state hata reduced the common man’s water share by more 5%.

While the news channel on Mr. Sharma’s house buzzed with the breaking news, “The state of Gujrat is getting more affected by the prevailing draught. 9 more people died today because of unavailability of water. The vegetable rates will be increasing more by the end of next week as there has been a decrease in the crops production due to less rainfall. Experts are predicting, even this year we may get less water.”

Hearing this, Mr. Sharma drained his half glass of water rapidly. “No rains again, shortage of water and increasing rates of vegetables! God knows why this is happening and when will it all stop?”

He switched the T.V channel. Another channel was doing a special report on Water saving! “Today on International Water day, we have got a report on how humans, decades back used water in an irresponsible way and this led to the water reduction issue today! Years back, humans used to waste a lot of water using shower to take bath and staying under it unnecessarily for hours. They even used to keep the water running from taps when using it for domestic purpose. This is not enough, some humans were so careless, they used to serve and take a full glass of water and drink only half of it and used to throw the remaining half of it!”

Mr. Sharma was shocked hearing all this. The report continued more, “This is not enough, with growing pollution and even with the continuos warnings of global warming, they kept using the natural resources carelessly. Only if these humans would have been cautious in using the natural resource like water wisely, we would have got more water to consume. If only they would have used half a glass of water for drinking and would have replaced with more half if they needed, this would have stopped the wastage of some more water. Then, we would have been able to drink this resource heartily. These humans snatched our right to natural resources for their benefits. They used our part of water and left their future generations without enough water to let them live healthily.

Now, we wouldn’t do the same mistake our ancestors did! We are going to reserve surplus water, use natural resource more wisely and recycle the little water we have to secure the future of our generations. This international world water day, let’s pledge we will use this extinct resourse of water more wisely.”

Mr. Sharma was suddenly quite depressed after hearing this all. “If only our forefathers would have taken this pledge some twenty five years ago, we would have got pure, enough water to quench our thirst. Not the recycled ones!!


The time has not passed yet. We still have so many years to spare! Let’s sign the petition, check the video and support this amazing Initiative by Livpure, #CuttingPani! The best way to do our bit for our future generations.

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