Zurich- Zestful beauty of  Switzerland

The beautiful side of already a beautiful country, Switzerland, Zurich carries an appeal for spectators. The one destination that leaves it’s impression on your senses even after you have visited it long back. Known for its effecient working banks and ultra ordinary infrastructure, Zurich is no less when it’s comes to flaunting natural beauty and irresistible tourist attractions.

Some of these destinations which can prove to be exciting and rewarding when you visit them are listed below.


One of the four main churches from Zurich, this church is dedicated to feminism or women in general. Originally built in 853 by Louis the German for his daughter, Hildegarde, this church served as a convent for several years. The stained glass of the church is tall as 9 meters (30 feet) high, and the church clock tower is a main attraction for explorers too.

Swiss national museum

The excotic musuem dating back to 1898 flaunts some exclusive collection of monuments and prized possessions belonging to stone age men to the leaders till date.This musuem shows some of the exquisite collection of armory tower and a large collection of religious wooden liturgy carvings, panel paintings, and altars. A historical collection of Swiss coins dating back from the middle ages, and a wonderful chivalry display and gothic art collection round out this uniquely excellent museum.


The astounding natural view that’s attractive to see from the mountain top is really amazing. Adjacent to the lake, this mount top shows off the spectacular view of the lake side and the neighbouring areas. A view that enchants is amongst the most popular destinations at Zurich.

Zurich Altstadt

This area consists of some important monuments from the times of history dating before the twentieth century. You can catch a glimpse of certain tourist attractions in Zurich including Lindenhof, Fraumunster, St Peter’s Church, the New Market and the old Medieval Rathaus quarter. With the blend of medieval and gothic architecture, this shows off the best heritage sites till date at Zurich.

Lake Zurich

A huge lake formed through the glaciers of the Alps, this lake attracts millions of tourists towards it each year. The clean and clear lakes is a home to many aquatic lives plus offers some calm time boating and relaxed time swimming here. Through the ferries that goes through the lake, tourist explore a whole lot of attractions over here.

Zurich being one of the most beautiful places on the earth, offers varied more options to explore when it comes to viewing spectating natural beauty and irresistible historical heritage. What you need is a soon planned trip here and an awesome te travelling through the heaven near the Alps.

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