Book review- Notes from the road by Shilpa Garg!

For all the wanderlusts and travel fanatics, here’s, a Bible you should be keeping up locked with your always ready to take suitcases. This book written by Shilpa Garg has incredible information and tips for all the travellers out there. From your always must carry essentials from travelling to the quotes that can inspire you to travel more, it has it all.

I wouldn’t just call it the notes for the road, rather it’s an encyclopaedia of the roads! I really loved how she made appropriate spaces in between those short and curt tips and shared her experiences as an example of the same. Its really amazing to read a book that had millions of words hidden under those thousands printed ones. She made it a point to explain each of the points in between briefly, yet conveying the message pretty well to her readers.

Each new chapter, each new page brings you a different perspective of travels, roadtrips, hotel expectations, etc. I don’t think so she missed anything while covering up the the travel aspects of life.

Some of those funny incidents she shared is really a must read. And I am still wondering about thst lady dimple she so briefly yet funnily described in one of her chapters.

Some of her situations that she described in detail with her experiences as reference, are so much relative. I really felt even I should start packing up my bags and set up for a trip after reading her amazing, to the point book on the same.

I’d really like to congratulate her on her writings. There’s not a single word wasted in the book and the book proves to be quite a useful one to read and keep and relate and try whenever travelling.

Overall, I really am impressed in the way she have expressed, shared, taunted (some of the times), relived some moments and adviced in this book. I would rate it 4.8/5. It’s a lovely read and pretty useful for all of us. Must read!

You can download it for free by clicking here.

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  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    Thanks a lot for your generous review and feedback, Saba. Truly appreciate it ♥


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