Why should dads have all the love!

When you are expecting, you both are! From the early stages of prenatal, to the postnatal hectic schedules, the responsibility should be carried out equally. Even though all those caring moments and duties for the babies are mutually shared around happily by both the parents, l feel mothers always tend to get end up with more chores than dads!

It may be due to the feeding task of moms or the natural closeness she feels than dads because of already being closer to the baby when he/she was in her womb, moms just couldn’t help but be around at an instant whenever the little one needs someone. I personally think even mums tend to understand more the needs and moods of babies than dads do. And for this, she forgets her being, her own choices and needs and cares for her baby more than of anything else. It may be her resting time or day, but she’ll end up with the baby after some time and leave those minutes or hours of leisure and solitude just to be with her bundle of joy. Give her the most important task of the planet to handle, one shriek from her baby, even though she knows there’s someone to care for her baby, she’ll leave that work and jump on the kid’s side to see what’s the issue. Such is the incredible love of a mother!

After these things, it should be but natural that the baby should be reciprocating the love of her mum just like she does, isn’t it? But what’s strange that most of the little ones are more attracted towards daddys than to mommies. I think most of you would have experienced that a mum does everything she could to keep the baby clean and filled but the instance the baby catches a glimpse of their dads, they seem to be alien creatures on their father’s arms not recognising Mumma at all. My experience of three kids have left me with the experience that even after slaving in for my children (ofcourse with all my wish and love), they seem to be loving their dads more than they love me.

This instinct increases the moment I see the baby cradled comfortably on their dad’s arms fast asleep within minutes of his humming. While I would have spent a whole day meeting her demands and have failed trying to put her to sleep even with the sweetest lullaby and most interesting bed time stories since an hour. This bias behaviour of the babies is quite relative, that’s what I think. Do comment below if you think the same too or have experienced the same.

But, whatsoever the situation, I think these babies look super cute tucked up within the large frame of their strong dads. I really find the scenes when both the baby and daddy duo sleeps cuddling together snoring slightly as the most heart warming scene in the world. I could spend a lifetime staring at them and watching them sleep contently together.

Although my jealousy towards this partiality towards dads is still there, this mystery needs to be solved, why are babies more attracted towards dads than mom’s irrespective of their genders?

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  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    Ah, one of those classic puzzles in life that makes things a little skewed for the dads! Don’t you agree that it only makes it easier for moms to go on breaks every now and then? You know you could look at it this way too! 🙂

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    1. Lol ofcourse! That’s undeniable and I am grateful for that break too.


  2. Nice and cute. I often feel the same. But you would also appreciate the fact that even though father’s have all the fun and seem to be better friends to kids, the kids know where their anchor lies whenever they are in need. That is empowering for a mother in its own sense. Isn’t it?


  3. I’m not a Mom but have often heard many Moms have this complaint. I’m guessing that children tend to take their Moms for granted because they are around so much…

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    1. Yes, this can be one of the possibilities too.


  4. Meena says:

    Oh! I agree totally. The dads hog all the attention. I remember my daughter used to give my husband a grand welcome when he came home from work. She would shriek in joy and run into his arms everyday. I, who had spent the entire day with her playing, feeding, cleaning and a million other things never got such a reception.

    But never worry, once they grow up, daughters become best friends!


  5. Balaka says:

    Thankfully my son always prefered me over his Dad..as an infant, as a toddler and even now. I guess I am just blessed. However, he looks like his dad. But don’t worry moms will always have a special place in their hearts.

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    1. Yup, couldn’t agree more

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  6. mammaspeaks says:

    I agree with you, little babies look super cute sleeping blissfully on their father’s chest. I have a few pics of my daughter then a 2-month old sleeping on her father’s chest. Thanks for taking me down the memory lane!

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  7. Akshata Ram says:

    I havent really experienced the same as my daughter is most comfortable with me!

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  8. Beautiful post. Reminded me of both my kids’ growing days. Keep writing. #WriteBravely

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    1. Thanks a lot:))


  9. BellyBytes says:

    My point exactly. The dad’s barely spend a few minutes every day but they are the BEST PEOPLE on this earth while poor mum who slaves and sweats is nothing more than the Wicked Witch of the West.

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  10. Aslam Khan says:

    Yes, we do have the upper hand. But I have seen, whenever the little one wants to sing their melancholy strain, they opt to be on their mother’s lap. So we miss that too. Practically the stage is in its equilibrium state

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