Does she need a prince charming?

“And one day the princess charming came in her life, fought with all her enemies, solved all her problems and took her away with him and they lived happily ever after!” Remember these lines? The lines that each girl have heard during her childhood from her mother, of granny or grand mother.

Since childhood she’s been trained to believe that when she grows up, firstly there are going to be innumerable problems in her life that she won’t be able to solve. Secondly, a prince charming on a white horse would definitely enter her life (even though it would be a different century where horses would be replaced by helicopters). And thirdly, he would be already having the licence and strength to fight all your problems and help you out. (Until then you would be just staring at those problems of yours and waiting for the prince to come and solve them, just like Mr. Rasthana expected Munna Bhai to deal with it, saying to the problem, “mamu, bhag Jaa teri to waat lag gayi hai.”) And fourth wherever the prince took you along with him, you both will be happy ever after.( I wonder if you both are going to die and shift to heaven permanently, where there will be no sadness.)

Now that was expectation! What happens when you actually grow up? You juggle your way trying to hide your so revealing beauty and womanhood during your adolescence period from men who just have one work, stare at any female, believe me, it’s any female. (Doesn’t matter if she’s a child, a pregnant mother, a woman with hardly any glam looks or an old lady.) Then you get through all those desperate boyfriends always trying to act as if they are the most coolest boys now turning men. (I am sure they’d been thinking of all the growing girls as a damsel in distress and would be dreaming how to rescue them just like a prince.)

And if dealing with these wasn’t enough, when you go for work, you are surrounded by sophisticated men talking gender equality and the same men being the reason of the glass wall that you have to bear through your work.

Then you finally believe that the man you will be marrying is the prince charming you had been waiting for all these years. And guess what a shock of your life would you get if the same man orders you to quit your job for which you took all the pains during those years to create your identification and you end up being just a house wife. (But for love, you bear it all.)

Then comes the frustration because of growing family and decreasing income. And then you get the taunt of spending too much and how tiring it is to work out! Smashhhh! Goes down the dream of happily ever after!

Now, does today’s woman need a prince charming to get her living happily ever after? Well, I think today’s women are their own princess charming. She doesn’t need any prince charming to bring her out of a messy situation, she already did that during her adolescence and work years, remember! And the one who can keep her happy ever after, well, if a woman can buy her own choices and fulfill her own demands, the prince charming loses another one of his allotted jobs!

And the question of remaining happily together always, it’s life! It has a charm in its ups and downs, it’s fun to embrace both of them. These are just like those identical twins which will die if departed!

So girls, what do you think, do you need a prince charming riding that white horse in your life now? Or are you ok if he comes round in a public transport too? Or would you read the same story to your daughter too? If yes, then don’t spare sons, let them also believe he’s gonna soon get a princess charming riding on a white pony soon to embrace him!!

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  1. Vinitha says:

    True! There is no point in waiting around for a prince charming when you can be your own charming self to rescue and resolve any problems you face.


  2. Amrita says:

    Food for thought here.I like prince charming though .But I also like to be my own biggest support.Great take on prompt.


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