The strength of the heart!

“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” – HerculesA quote that speaks volumes! Fighting, taking revenge and giving away whatever you got is easy, but do you think after some years, when you’ll recollect those moments, would you be happy by your reaction then?It’s often seen when you hit or retaliate back on some occasions, mostly it’s because of anger. Where you in you assume the situation to be something else while it’s something entirely different and sometimes it’s the wrong person attacked. We just go about spilling the beans and giving away our piece of mind to the opposite person in our anger.When we hit someone or speak roughly or rudely, we think of ourselves to be strong. For most of us strong is that person who attacks fiercely physically or verbally. Forgiveness is something that doesn’t even take a step here. Rather those who forgive or stay quite or ignore are often considered as coward.Well, let’s take it like this! Do you think it’s easier to keep quite even when you know the other person is wrong and you are right? It’s actually wisdom that instead of shouting back in the manner of those people, you choose to deal with it silently. You just can’t step back on puddle just because it got your feet dirty the first time. And do you expect your feet to be clean while you did so!Secondly, when you choose to forgive the person when he/she’s ashamed of their acts or even if they are not, if with time you tend to forget everything. The pain, the strength you showed when you gulped all those tears inside, the will power it took to not to react to the opposite person’s actions and the power to still forgive that person is something that makes you brave by heart! This brave heart depicts your true strength from within. It shows how strongly can you face life and those unwanted situations in life.And the benefits you get the same is the feeling that you won by without even uttering a word. The stressfree feeling of not having grudges against anybody and the pride of being the superior one. Forgiving the one’s who didn’t deserved that, but you deserved the same so that you could live in peace.Well, from today, let’s drop all the grudges, give up all those revenge ideas and be the one person you deserve to be, the one who forgives, shows the strength of a brave heart and can live in solitude forever!

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  1. Anita says:

    Forgiveness is tough. Tha’s why it’s called ‘divine’.
    Brave heart much needed!
    – Anita


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