Quivering cries!

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She was right! Her doubts went all real. She reached at the hostel gate at around 1:30 AM by that time just dragging her feet so that she can reach her but the gate was locked from within with Absolutely no one in sight to open it. Her dizziness was increasing, she had been crying all her way. It was Ill fate and health already tasting her when this Adil Khan came in to picture and snatched from her even the slightest trace of happiness from her life. She knew she didn’t deserved this man at all in her life. He was nothing but a curse. God knows what bad she had done of someone whose curse resulted in the shape of Adil Khan in her life. She hated him more today, more than her aunt, who made her life miserable, more than her son, who used give her those dirty glances, more than anything hateful that life had given her. She promised herself, she’ll never ever forgive this man, never!

She wept for long. Cursing him and her destiny, trying to call out the maiden or watchman from the hostel. But it seemed everyone in was fast asleep till now and it would have been a rare possibility for someone even if the hotel’s member to come at this hour and that too without notice. She should have atleast called up and notified them of her late coming. The maiden would have been angry but atleast she wouldn’t have been on streets then. She sat there on the corner with her head rested on the gate. She remember her old home, how much she loved it and even if she was late, it was hers, she could have entered there without any issues. It was gone now, she sighed heavily between those tears. She finally wished if death could engulf her now and there would be no Adil Khan to see from tomorrow. It was all because of him she was here onthe streets. Her life had been a misery but atleast she could have died in peace, but because of him, she will be dying hating each moment of her life hence forth. “I just wish Adil Khan, that I die now,” leave everything that gives me happinesses in this world just to not see your facd ever again!” She said on louder words as if he was in front of her and slowly the spinning of head increased, the headache that was also on its high pitch started giving her pains, she moaned and closed her eyes for the blackness that engulfed her. After an hour, heavy rainfall started falling on the girl that was now drenched and lying with no movement at the gate of the hostel.

It was around 6 in the morning now and he was totally exhausted as we made his way towards home. They have been in huge talks and debates at his friends place and they never knew when it was already morning. Just three hours of sleep and again he will have to rush for office. It was his rule, he never was late or skipped his work for anything or anyone. Even when his father died, he was at the office on the very next day of the funeral.

The heavy rains last night have washed the whole city. It was actually looking quite refreshing, the early morning period of twilight. Even though he was tired and sleepy, he liked the aura around. Great what twi three hours of rainfall can do to beautify the cities. His friends said it have been raining constantly for long yesterday night when they have been deep in political and economical debates with each other. He was deep in his thoughts and he didn’t knew how he missed the turn towards his home. He halted the car with a start, “Shit! I will jab to take the longer way now. So much for getting home early.” He took the next turn and again there was something happening in the middle of the road to block his way.

Seems so someone had an accident. There were large number of women and some men gathered around something or someone on the alley that blocked his way too. He honked for some time but it looked something serious because no one bothered moving from their place. They were all busy in their hussle and hussle around the person. He even got out of the car and went towards the crowd to see what was the issue, but there seemed quite a rush and women running from one corner to another which made him unable to see anything. “Adil Khan, today destiny doesn’t want you to sleep! Why not rest in car.” He mumbled and went again in his and rested his head on the seat before starting to take a reverse and move out of this alley again.

His phone sheiked loudly in the car. Strange, it was his office number diverted on his spare mobile and it barely rings in the early morning. He picked up the call immediately and halted the car for the time being.

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  1. What you are writing is cool, but I would have liked it if the female protagonist had turned out to be an attacker atleast in some instance instead of being a fighting for survival warrior. Please do something !


  2. vidhya29 says:

    woow! another wonderful post! loved it


  3. I missed a few parts I guess. But Adhil Khan is winning again! Why so much trouble to that innocent girl 😦


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