Pride at it’s peak!

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She controlled her tears but still could feel her corner of her eyes getting wet. But she just couldn’t get weak in front of him, not at any cost. “Thinking of a new option Ms. SARA, you remember my offer? It’s still open if by any ways your landlord kicks you off his place!” He smiled wickedly and saw a rush of blood coming on her face.
“I would rather die on the streets than accept your offer!” She came forward and told him looking straight in his eyes and challenged him, “ I was a part of this firm even before you entered here. This firm owes me more than you can think of. Till my last breath, I’m not leaving work here! You can do what you can, I don’t care and never will. I’ll work my way out so much that you’ll yourself ashamed of yourself for putting me in such situations.” She turned to ho but stopped in midway, “And yes, mr. khan, you wanted to pry on me the whole day? Sad for you but you’ll never find me doing anything than genuine work and you can step as low as you want than this step, I expect more hateful things than this from you” she said with fierce voice and went away with her head high while Adil Khan stood there numbed with her such reaction.

She had been working non stop since the instant she came out of his office in a rage till 11 pm now. It was too late for her to leave but she didn’t care. He was testing her patience and ability, let him do so! She’ll work her heads off but won’t complain of it to him. She knew it was already late and the last bus would be missed when she’ll be able to leave. But that doesn’t mattered too. She can walk the way to the hostel, it was just 45 minutes way from here! Forty five minutes that too during midnight and with all her body aching seemed like a tremendous mountain to cross. She sighed heavily but she’ll pass on, she knew she could. Nothing can make her loose. Not Adil Khan in the least!

He saw her working constantly. She was all engrossed in her files to complete them all one by one. He knew that was impossible till midnight as he have sent across loads to complete for her. He smiled, let’s see how much you can do Ms. PA!

Around midnight he stood up after his watchman returned for the fourth time to check if he was leaving or Sara was. He signalled him to let her know she can go and lock and leave. As for him, he started his car to visit one of his friends who was holding a party tonight, while he started the engine, he caught a glimpse of her coming out of the building, all tired but still the head held high. “Such pride in a woman!” He thought and started driving slowly and later when she walked ahead of him totally ignoring his car, he drove away rapidly! Actually he was waiting if she could have asked him for a lift home. He would have gladly given her that. By God he wouldn’t have taunted her on that. But damn that girls ego and pride, she didn’t even notice him and neither looked up to ask for help. Better if she walked for longer to get her wits right. Serves her the best.

She hurriedly took all her things and left as soon as the watchman told her that boss have left the office. She walked with a head high but with in each part of her body ached and head seems spinning lightly. She slightly lowered her head so that she can just see the road. Even if she looked up a little, she knew the dizziness would increase and she still had lots of way to cover that too walking. Ofcourse, there wouldn’t be any vehicle at midnight to take her that way and even if is, it couldn’t be safe. She was surprised to know that Adil Khan didn’t even think of that. That his could a girl all alone could reach home without any transportation and that too after midnight. Doesn’t this man have the basic courtesy to drop her at her place? After all she was his employee. He could do atleast that to her. She definitely wouldn’t have argued on this, for sure she wouldn’t have done that. Especially when she knew her maiden would be closing the gates of the hostel at midnight and she won’t be allowed after that inside. Oh God! She never thought about the time limit of the place. It never crossed her mind. How will she get inside now. In her own dilemma, she didn’t even notice the moving vehicle that sped away beside her

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