Ubercare !

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Although, he was still recovering from those after effects of the surgery, he still made it a point to go office regularly and manage his other tasks through laptops. Along with it, he was always beside her whenever she woke up and kept an eye on her through cctv cameras at his office. He made sure the maid he kept for her care was always with her except for those times when he was around. She always used to turn away from him whenever he was around. Always saying those hateful things which made way for her hatred now built up in her heart. He always used to ignore her words and sit there on his laptop at the chair near her bed.
Even that day the maid was tired of insisting her to have some food and when she didn’t budge, she called him up. He already knew through the cameras what was going on and came home early that day. He was feeling a little weak of all the work and not to forget the surgery had been just a few days away and it was a big one. He directly came in her room and signalled the maid to move out. “Why are you here now? Who called you? I have told you enough of times not to show your face, don’t you understand?” She spatted on his sight. Though she didn’t knew why she felt something unusual on seeing him. She deliberately used to harass the maid, so that he got irritated and after getting fed up of her, he’ll drop her out somewhere, may be at a hospital or somewhere else, but it should be away from him, she didn’t want to see his face ever.

He tookof his jacket, and sat beside her silently taking her meal bowl near her. She looked a little flush, he was glad to see some colour come back on her face. But she was still weak and need to recover soon. For her present condition, he have approached around dozens of doctors worldwide who just adviced for another surgery that may still have the same 80:20 chances of succcess or else let her recover naturally. It may take just a day or days or years to get her back to her original condition but the serious condition where her death was guaranteed was not an ssue anymore after the surgery and kidney transplant. So for now, he just had to wait for her become a normal independent woman again, the womam whom he’d knew so well. The one lady who used to walk for hours rather than request for a lift or help from anyone. Who used to stand against him on all situations and challenge him on the face, the woman who without a single tear, emptied her dear home within a day but didn’t budge in front of him. The lady who used to work for hours and even challenged her ill health and gained success in her career. He missed that Sara, but wasnt it him who have made her go in this condition, who have left her with no options to opt for becausevof his fake ego. He sighed and looked at her who was staring at him with her corner of eyes with tears, she was always crying recently, he thought, but what would a human in her condition otherwise would do!

She saw him remove his jacket and sit near her and totally ignore whatever she said, just like what he was doing everyday recently. She didn’t understand what would he be getting by keeping her kidnapped at his place. Already his drugs have reacted adversely on her and left her hands and legs numbed. She have been praying continuesly day and night for herself to regain her health back again. How miserable can dependency be! She used to cry each time her hands and legs refused to move with her, it was the worse feeling in the whole world. How she prayed she was back to her original health again and how she cursed Adil Khan to be the victim of this condition, to know how you can feel when you can’t even drink or eat or even walk towards anything you need, how it feels to depend on someone else especially the one you hate in the world universe to give you your basic needs and more over it, to stay in his rotten place! How she prayed to God to make him the victims of this dependency than her, she cursed him the umpteenth time again.

He held her against his chest as he bought her tray forward, “come have your dinner!” He ordered her in his normal tones which she hated so much. “I won’t! Give me poison, i would better die.” “Shut up! He let her head fell back on the pillow with a thud. She moaned on the action and he quickly held her towards him again. “Mind you, use you your tongue properly. Don’t talk any non sense now.” He warned her a little gently now. He didn’t knew why he was angry on her words and because of that temper he even let her head fall on the pillow, even this much was enough to cause her lots of pain. “Yeah, because it’s the only part of myself that’s working isn’t it? All thanks to you!” She spatted negatively again. “No,because if you want to become better, why not talk better.” He explained her a little calmly and again out the god bowl near her.

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