Second challenge of the Sonsday campaign with Ariel!

Parenting can be tricky! Especially, when your kids tend to grow up and enter their teens. It’s really important for moms to make them understand their values, their basic duties and their roles in their homes as well as societies. For all the mothers, here’s a small duty, a special one where in they stop discriminating between their sons and daughters and even so, teach the sons to help them in their house chores and domestic duties as they teach their daughters to do so! A value that should be well instilled in kids that each of them should be sharing the load at home no matter whatever gender they belong to. That’s where the idea of #SharetheLoad took birth and reached its full fledged reach hence, making most of the parents and kids aware that domestic chores are a part of each ones duty, regardless of the genders.

Well, after the first phase of the Sonsday challenge with Ariel India, I have seen a lot of positive change in my son. As I already said, he was quite a good kid and always helped in my chores, but after that weekend when he shared the load with me by doing the laundry at home, he seemed to be more changed person to me. He’s been considering more of helping in everyday chores and encourages each and every task I or someone else does for him., as if he could be feel how it would be if someone encourages your work.

This week, as given the theme by Ariel India, I had to share some before and after pictures of wardrobe management with them. I avoided sharing about this task to my son and asked him to arrange the very tangled and messed up wardrobe of his and his dad’s.(They share the same wardrobe, messy boys they are!)

He started with folding nearly the t shirts and arranging them with a different line of track pants, jeans, kurta pyjamas and socks. Later, he even re arranged his dad’a section of clothes after arranging his. He said, it didn’t look much tidy and clean as dad’s section was still untidy.

Later, after arranging both the sections, he actually clicked a picture of the near wardrobe to keep it as a reminder of his first time wardrobe arranging experience.( Of course, he had no idea I have clicked his below before the task and on the task pictures too.)

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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  1. Sohanpreet Kaur says:

    Good efforts👍

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