Very close…!

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She didn’t even open her mouth. He kept waiting with a spoon in his hands. “Come on Sara, I’m waiting. Have your dinner, your insulin have stopped now and you need to intake from orally. It’s very important for you.” She just kept staring at him. She couldn’t even look away from him, her head movements were also very slow. “Why are you doing this? Why sudden care for me? As far as I know you hate me to hell and don’t even bother whether I’m alive or dead. Then why this acting?”She frowned upon him.
As usua he didn’t answer her. Just put the spoon near her mouth which she didn’t open again. “Please Sara don’t be a kid! Have your food.” “Please Sara? Did I just heard you requesting me for a meal? That’s shocking! What happened to the ever arrogeant Adil Khan who never used to bend under any circumstances in front of anyone? Where did that proud soul go?” She provoked and taunted him but when he didn’t reply at all she spoke her doubts aloud, “Are you afraid I’ll call the police after I left from here and get you arrested under kidnapping case? Ain’t you?” He just shifted on his place as his pain was increasing too, may be he forgot to have his pain killers and medicines today.
And even she was in her worst moods today so it was a waste of time to argue with her in this condition. He just got her close tightly against him, close enough for her to hear his slow whispers which he did in her ears,” Look I don’t care if you go to any damn police or even commissioner to complain against me. You know very well I can buy them all in a day! And as for you, I am caring for you because the hostel officials trusted me and handed you to me, so I have to respect their decision and trust. And as for you, you can go to any damn corner of the world I don’t care a damn about that, but until then you’re my responsibility and I’ll see to it that you’re fit and fine!” Though he whispered all this slowly in her ears but his every word had an authority in it that made his point quite clear. But she still doubted, Adil Khan taking all these efforts just to keep his responsibilities was something not possible. He could have easily got her taken care at an excellent hospital and wouldn’t have worried about her meals or health. But here, taking care for her personally was something unusual and she wanted to know why he was doing these unusual things.

He turned her face to see in her eyes for her reaction if anything he said worked, there was still a big surprise in there. She still didn’t trusted him,”Believe me Sara, I am not going to harm you this time. I care for you for genuinely . I really want you to recover fast, be your old self again, the same Sara again.” “Why?” She asked slowly in a whisper still looking in his eyes. “Because…. you’re my….” He stopped before saying beautiful lady! He wanted to say ,”because you’re my beautiful lady!” “Responsibility!” He completed his sentence slowly still looking in her eyes. She wa beautiful, simple without any complexities in her personality, without any layers of make up on her face and those innocent beautiful eyes which said such to him without any words.
She gazed at him back. He was the same man who hurt her enough to make her reach towards her death. Who made her ask for death rather than live a life under him, the man who insulted her after getting close to her. But today, why was it that he looked different, why did his eyes have a different message today for her, why was it that his pride, hatred seemed to no where in site. Why was this man who hated her so much started caring for her so much? She tried to find all these answers in his eyes as she gazed at him back.
Adil, still in that magical spell of those beautiful eyes got her more close. She gazed there back to him as If asking all those questions to him whose answers even he didn’t knew himself. Their breathings clashed and he didn’t knew why he wanted to be more near to him, very close to him, just close to him, be his, no one else’s!

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  1. Anita says:

    Very close encounter of the hero and heroine 🙂
    Well described. Interesting story.

    Vote For Nation – Anita

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