Wrecked action!

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She was indulging under that spell too. As if something has clasped her like a magnet. She felt getting more close to him, even his breathing touched her cheeks. She could feel him getting more closer to her. The nearness of him creating a havoc of her thoughts. The magic that was around her, she couldn’t define it, but it was there, something that was engulfing her and wouldn’t let her look away. Still looking at him she sensed he grasped her more towards him, so much so there wasn’t any gap of anything between them. That moment she realised under tangled thoughts and feelings, this was what he wanted from her? Is this why he taking all this pains? To get her close to him? To take advantage of her situation? She tried to get away from the spell. She wanted to move away from him, but she couldn’t even shrug her arms out his grip. She could see him holding her close to his chest, under his arms but could do nothing to set herself loose.
She couldn’t let this happen, she was under his mercy now. If she didn’t stop him, she would be in a more worse condition in her life. But he cares for her so much, her heart started to melt under his heated gaze. She didn’t wanted to go away from those protected arms. No! This man hated her and was doing all this to hurt her more, to let her pay because of that slap. He could do anything. He was coming close to her, ever her heart beats were increasing, she had to stop him at any cost until, until it gets late.
But khow could she do that when her own body wasn’t responding to her. When her body can not work as she wanted. She couldn’t even speak or open her mouth to speak, her brain told her to scream but the feeling of closenss was overwhelming.

She had to stop him, focus Sara! You can’t be controlled by this man like a puppet, he’ll break you in to pieces and throw you away. She focused hard to shrug way free from him but her shoulders won’t feel anything. She wanted to cry but the panic state had some effect there too. She can’t be weak, she have to be strong today. She tried more to move her legs, but she lay there as a statue in his arms, nothing happened.

She focused more as his face got more near, she wanted to push him away, she tried it with her right hand and punched him on his stomach, pushing him with all the force and letting her both hands hit him with all the force she can try!

Adil lay on the floor moaning clutching his stomach and panting for breath. The pain was unbearable now. It took him sometime to understand what have happened to her. He looked back at her, she was there looking at him with a string of tears now reaching her chin and her hands at still the same position in which she must have punched him. His pain made it impossible for him to move further, to hug her, to be happy that she can mover her hands now. She wasn’t going to be paralysed now.

“Oh my God! Watchman, security, Sharma, call the doctor now!” The mais came in rushing called the servants in a jiffy while the others came rapidly and made Adil Khan stand to take him away. He was almost unconscious lying upon them in pain.
He wanted to tell them to stop and be with her when she discovered she wasn’t going to be handicapped anymore. He wanted to see her moving her legs as well, but the pain, the pain on the stomach was so overbearing, he couldn’t even stand on his feet. She have punched on the very place the surgery happened some days back and it did pain hard.
“What happened to the sir? Did you do anything to him?” The maid asked her sternly when she saw her in sitting position and her hands were still in the same position. She wanted to move them down, but was frightened if they stopped working again. She just looked at the maid with those teary eyes. “Don’t you know he had just recently had the biggest of surgery and he was not in a very good health and position?” She knew now well her doubts were clear. This girl always wanted to go aaay from here and used to talk hateful things about Adil Khan. She have even heard her curse him while crying loudly one day. She would have attacked him no doubt.

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