Xtreme surprise!

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“Yes! I attacked him. He wanted to take advantage of me, hurt me more, I couldn’t stop him otherwise, so I pushed him! It serves him best, he deserves it.” She said to the maid. She wasn’t to be blamed because of defending herself from that mans clutches. She couldn’t deny she felt herself feel broken when she saw him lying on the floor clutching his stomach with pain. It made her cry to see him in pain. She wasn’t happy she could now sit without his arms around, she didn’t feel glad that finally her hands followed he command and that too at the time she wanted them to work. Only what she felt was pain, the pain he was feeling, the pain of seeing him in pain. He went red controlling the moans, she could see that. His eyes when they saw her sent a message as if he was happy to see her hands finally move, as if he didn’t cared about him being pushed so badly. Not like the Adil Khan she knew, who have previously gone mad just because she slapped him mistakenly. This was intentional and she didn’t see any of those fiery in his eyes like before.

“How cruel can you be?” The maid looked at her in shock. She couldn’t believe the girl whom she have been sympathising since she saw her in hospital can be so cruel. “How can you talk about like this for a person who saved your life risking his own life?” She asked her. “Are you mad? Do you think Adil Khan, the Adil Khan, the most ruthless an in the history of mankind can even risk his strand of hair, let alone his life save any one, forget about me, the girl he hated most in his life and can do anything to hurt me! You may be either too innocent or too crazy to believe that, but I’m still sane and know Adil Khan far better to believe this.” She told vehemently to the maid.

“May be I don’t know him as well as you know or before you knew him. But I still remember the day he brought you to the hospital. He stopped the ongoing operation surgery of the dean of the hospital to let him inspect you first. I have never before seen any man in such elegant and expensive clothings holding a weak, drenched girl with dirt all on her body before. He didn’t even care of his attire being dirty or how we would be looking in this condition. May be this man was the most ruthless in the whole world, but I saw him pacing all through the hsptial corridors constantly for two days until there was some profrsss in your condition. He may be the one who hurt you, but as far as I know, I think he’s the man who went on the extent of calling the best doctors from Australia to cure your illness they could have caused you death in just days.” Sara was shocked to hear about it. What the maid was saying was already surprising but this was far too shocking. She just sat there with her eyes wide in shock. So, he knew about her illness. He knew about her condition and all that the maid said was enough to give a huge shock.

“Yes, I saw him going through all the tests and every possibilities that could save your life and the last option the doctors told them was a surgery. The biggest surgery that could ever happen on your and his body. The kidney transplant that was as risky for you as for him. He was a millionaire, he could have arranged the same from you by paying a huge cash, but even we were shocked as to why someone as important personality like him could risk his life for you. Your lower body was paralysed because of which you couldn’t feel the pain you would have other wise had after the surgery but he did bear that too. He even knew you could be mentally in coma or paralysed for the rest of your life but he still took all the responsibility of you in this condition.

And not stopping at this, he even stayed awake most of the night to look after you. Do you know you used to scream in your dreams and ask for water hundreds of time throughout the night and this man without any frown on his head and used to comfort you like a baby and tend to your needs too even though he used to regularly visit his offices and look after his work during the day. He may be the most hateful man in this world, but if this is the most hateful man, I’d pray to God to grant every girl such a hateful man in their lives but I’ll also pray that those girls aren’t anyone like you! The ones who don’t care anything about them, let alone their pains too!” The maid went emotional as she said this and turned to go out of the room.

“You’re a maid here right? How do you know all of this?” Sara called out which made her stop on her tracks, “I’m not a maid by profession. I’m a head nurse at the biggest hospital of the town where Adil khan brought you and after seeing his consern and care for you, I agreed to work with him to look after you here.” She said without turning.

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    1. Thanks so much for the love. Hope you loved it


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