Towards love…

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She actually felt good in the protection of his arms and she cried her heart out. The security she felt was really something she haven’t experienced before. She didn’t even knew till when she lay there on his arms crying away. Even he didn’t disturb her, he let her cry those woes out but he hoped she wouldn’t learn soon about her paralysed body. He kept patting her back when he sensed her rigid posture, she was suddenly like a stranger who wanted to get away from him, as … as if she hated him! He held her away and looked at her face which clearly showed visible signs of extreme hatred out there. She wasn’t saying anything but her eyes carried all that hatred that clearly showed she was blaming him about her present condition and Ofcourse it wasn’t something that can be easily forgotten, whatever he had done with her. He slightly laid her down and said, “Don’t worry sara! You’re alright or rather would be in some time. Nothing WRONG has happened with you. You’re entirely safe, you just fell down near the hostel and since you just had my contact card, the authorities there called me and I took you here. Rest all is fine. You can relax and stop thinking much.” He told her and turned to go.

“And why can’t I move?” He stopped in his track, thinking what should he be answering her now. “I don’t know why you have to ask so many questions, look I don’t have much time to answer these questions, I said you just need to relax and not to overthink, it’s not good for your health.” That was the only way in which he could stop her. She doubted how much he already knew about her. There was something he was hiding, she can sense that but what was that? Does he know about her illness and that’s why he seemed a little gentle. No! But this was Adil Khan, and no one can expect kindness from him, there was something behind this all. He could never be trusted. Suddenly something clicked her, “Where am I?Tell me, which place is this? Is it…., is it your house?” She asked him when he didn’t answer for the first time, he have challenged her before to bring her to his place and she knew well he could do anything to get her here. She wanted to clear her doubts. Adil Khan just looked away, he knew very well what was going on in her mind, he wished he could remove those words from their past encounters.

“I don’t want to stay here, I would stay anywhere, anywhere but not under your roof, the most hateful place I can imagine in this world.” She started to get up but her body went rigid, she couldn’t move at all. She tried to lift her hand, her legs but she was shocked to see it lifeless, as of they belonged to someone else, how can this be possible. “What have you done to me, you wanted to snatch everything from me, that’s why you drugged me? You made my body like this? What kind of a human you are? How can someone be so ruthless, wasn’t snatching my home, my job, my place enough for you, now you have gone to these extremes to get me drugged?” She started screaming between tears of hopelessness. This man was a monster having her in this condition just so that she stayed under his roof. She hated him, she wanted to go away from him, “ let me go, tell me what’s this happening, let me go! I’ll never let you win.” She started crying between those screams and went unconscious again.

Adil kept standing there watching her in this condition. She was thinking she was drugged and hence couldn’t move, that he had done this to bring her to share his place. He sighed she was unconscious again. He felt his heart being clutched by something seeing her cry so much, with so much hopelessness and with the pain of knowing her own body couldn’t respond to her commands. He intentionally stayed away from her. He knew his words Of condolences will only spark anger and more revolt from her, his previous deeds have been such. He went forward and touched her wet cheeks with his fingers and wiped those tears. She looked white but really innocent lying there like this. The doctors have warned him before about this shock reactions after she gains consciousness. But watching her like this, miserable made him go weak. This was crazy, he just sympathised her and was doing all this to wipe his past deeds but why do much pain for her.

Was it only sympathy which made him go so weak and vulnerable for her? Would he have done the some for his any other employee? He questioned himself and remembered well when Mrs. Anaya was ill he just passed her a good amount of check and replaced her immediately with a new secretary who was also instructed to call her once after she got discharged from hospital. He never even bothered to ask about their conditions to any of his employees after passing their leaves and paid medical benefits. He always was professional with them in attitude and otherwise. Then why so much for Sara? Did guilt prevailed him so much to risk his own life for her? Did sympathy overwhelmed him to get her in to his private life which was a hidden secret for the whole world even his close friends. He sat there thinking about it. May be it was something else, something that clicked sparks between them the first time they clashed with each other, the soft feeling that got him to almost to help her that night on the roads, the moment of sweet closeness the shared when at her flat, those innumerable times when he used to leave all his works and sit there staring at her as she used to work in her own cabin or may be the feeling of panic that gripped him the moment he saw her almost die on the streets? “No! It’s just nothing, I don’t care for her, it’s nothing much that normal human caring, nothing much.” He said loudly to himself as he got up with a start and walked taking long strides from there, out of the room.

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  1. Pr@Gun says:

    That’s sad truth for sara but glad Adil is beside her now.

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