8 great tips for home care at its best!

Home care can be demanding! You have to look after the whole spacious area where you reside and keep it shiny clean daily. Having said that, there’s also the toughest stage of doing all the same in the presence of your family members and their active entries and exits from the place. Not to forget their daily routine activities adding in to constant work pile for you to clean.

These daily usage and constant activities around the house demand some constant attention from the home makers too. Just like a commercial worker has to dedicate all of the time in checking in the minutest details of the workplaces. Like keeping in track with the bills to pay to checking in services of the commercial air conditioning repair, even you as a homemaker have to look up at each minute side of your house and make sure everything’s running fine. One missing point and your whole home schedule would go topsy turvy. It is therefore very important to stay alert and updated about each and every aspect of home management for a smoother lifestyle.

Caring for home better

Your home demands your attention just as your baby does! You have to tend in all those needs and that too pretty perfectly . To make your unlimited home chores a little managed, a little more efficient, follow these quick tips religiously.

oFix a schedule —your home may be vast! Even if it isn’t, a small household demands equal amount of caring just as the bigger one does. Caring and cleaning each part of it daily can’t be possible. It’s better to prepare a schedule dedicated to each of the rooms and sections and clean and organise them accordingly. This will create a proper cycle according to which each of your rooms will get proper maintenance timely.

oRepair it first — There can be innumerable cases of damaged electronics or appliances at your place. These may slow up your daily process of cleaning, chopping or even cooling your home. Dedicate some time to call up the repairers and get them fixed. Once your electrical appliances work perfectly, your daily chores can move on better in a good pace.

o Clean the corners — Corners are the worst culprits! Most of the times these corners are ignored which lead to a lot of serious issues in the house. They can be a source of growing pests and unbearable smell at home. Be sure to clean those at regular intervals for enhanced cleanliness at your place.

oSpecial attention to kitchen — Kitchen is the prime place at any home. Here’s where your family’s health concerns get related. Be sure to give your Kitchenettes and cabinets special and double attention when cleaning. Use an organic and germ killing cleaning agents for only kitchen cleaning purpose. Make sure you never leave any food unwrapped or without a lid. Dry up the dishes on their places after every use and keep checking the approach of cockroaches or other pests which can be dangerous and unstoppable after they enter the kitchen area.

oStock up well — When we are talking of food area, keeping the food stocked up is another main task that’s to be performed at regular times. Always keep a check on your grocery list and make sure each and everything is stocked up well. Always keep on checking them in a week if they have become stale or have passed out because of open packagings. Maintain a separate cabinet for your kitchen stock to keep a regular record of your grocery needs.

oMop dust repeat — Your daily tasks should include a repeated and timely session of dusting your homes, sweeping regularly and mopping to avoid any kind of dust accumulation at home.

oVacuum sessions — Your home also demands a thorough weekly cleaning. This cleaning in depth need vacuum sessions at least once a week. You can get rid of major dust and also clean the minute corners like sofa depths, behind the bed section, etc. with it.

oWash it daily — The one basic habit in home management that needs to be changed is doing the laundry weekly. This results in a huge pile of washing to be done each week and you actually end up spending your whole Sunday washing them. It’s therefore better to put your machine to work on a daily basis and wash them daily to avoid any such kinds of tiresome work later.

There are many such tasks like folding clothes, managing the wardrobe mess, cooking at scheduled time, etc that can be quite handy in managing home better. And these eight tips can’t minimise the great effort a homemakers puts in caring for the home. But can definitely organise it well and help in getting it done faster and more conveniently.

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  1. Priyal says:

    These are some important tips which you have shared, we should take care of our home in a proper way


  2. Organising a schedule for maintenance of a home is really important. Whether you are a homemaker or working individual, it is requisite in your life. Today’s busy life schedules make it necessary to have a step by step schedule for this humongous task of cleaning our homes. Great tips


  3. Loved the pointers mentioned.


  4. Disha says:

    This is an easy and systematic approach to keep things organized. Having a schedule definitely helps a lot.


  5. FabZania says:

    Great tips for messy people like me. My wardrobe is such a mess and your tips are going to be helpful for me


  6. We are always on the move and this post is going to be really helpful to us. Thanks for sharing such great tips.


  7. Cureandjoy says:

    Great tips for home care , it’s better to complete the task daily than spending whole sunday


  8. Supriya says:

    Very nice tips to be organized and have a organized home. I may try them soon as my house is such a mess


  9. pashminagirl says:

    This is a sum of some great and useful tips to keep your home running and organised in a functional manner.sone really useful pointers for me in there and the motivation to keep at it strongly


  10. simi sp says:

    such a helping hand for we ladies .. well written


  11. writenlive says:

    For me the most challenging part is having a schedule and sticking to it. Thanks for the post.


  12. Though I do wish i could take care of some tasks daily , weekly schedule is what I maintain now. I keep half the day aside for thorough cleaning / laundry and then restocking the kitchen. A clean fresh smelling house is all worth it


  13. Cloud and Sunshine says:

    Those are some really important and useful tips. Thanks for sharing this with us. #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads


  14. Arti says:

    Kitchen always remain as the most challenging part of homecare..


  15. Loved your post, Saba. I am firm believer in the quote “Outer order leads to inner calm” I find cleaning and sprucing up the home therapeutic and necessary for an organized and peaceful life.


  16. simritbedi says:

    These are some essential tips to keep our house clean. Cleaning the corners is one of the most essential points in cleaning the house because when we are in a hurry, the corners are left out.


  17. ghazala786 says:

    Nice and Useful tips , I also do the same what you have mentioned in the post 🙂


  18. These are really good points that you have written down. We all do care of our home but some points are very necessary and taken better care of. Thankyou for Sharing !


  19. Amrit kaur says:

    You have shared the most important tips and we follow these at home for sure.


  20. It is also very important to stay alert and updated about each and every aspect of home management for a smoother lifestyle.


  21. Winter Flora says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! The kitchen will always be a mammoth task for me, especially without a dishwasher 🤭


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