Flooring fiesta — 6 Great reasons to install luxury vinyl tiles in your home!

We all are aware of vinyl flooring! It became really evident and very popular in the early 90s. But it was only during the late nineties that these were actually mimicked in the form of tiles as well. And oh boy! Everyone loved this form too. And that’s when it was lovingly known as the luxury vinyl tiles or LVT. So amazing are the benefits of these tiles that designers actually claimed these to be every homemaker’s dream!

Commendable benefits of luxury vinyl tiles!

Floor tiles are available in tremendous variants. It’s not just like that we call these the most diverse flooring. But LVT is something different. Do you want to know why? Well, keep reading.

It looks like vinyl in-fact better — The main property of luxury vinyl tiles is that these resemble totally the vinyl planks. In fact, these look better than vinyl in any form. The slight shine it gets because of being a tile becomes another great reason of increased attractiveness of this floor. And with this amazing look, it has the power to increase the aesthetics of any room. So, when you get luxury vinyl tiles you can enhance the beauty of your living room, bedroom and even kitchen with these alluring pieces.

These are super tough If you install vinyl planks, these are very vulnerable to scratches and wear. And if these are kept without much maintenance, they do show some white spots or mould on them. But when you are installing the luxury vinyl tiles, these can be very tough and the scratches don’t easily appear on them

Durability is high as well Doesn’t matter if you invest in the highest quality of vinyl planks, these do require replacement after some years. But when you are opting for tiles, these are long lasting and extremely durable. (Because the looks might resemble vinyl, these are actually tiles which are always durable.)

Pieces or planks – both are availableLuxury vinyl tiles are available in both plank form and even as tile pieces. You just have to select the suitable one for your home and get the best vinyl look in the place.

A cost friendly optionThough vinyl planks might be less costly than the wooden floor, they are still very expensive. But when you install the luxury vinyl tiles, they cost even lesser than these planks. Isn’t this one of the best reasons that you are probably attracted towards these tiles?

Moisture resistant as wellMoisture is the biggest drawback to consider when you are installing vinyl planks in your home. But since now it’s available in the tile form, you don’t to worry about this matter as well. LVT can bear lot of water exposure and still stay strong and presentable in all kinds of surroundings.

Loved the reasons? We thought so! Now don’t you worry if for some reason you can’t install the vinyl planks in your property! With luxury vinyl tiles you get a great alternative that’s actually much better than the original material.

Note – this post is a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge!

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  1. Aseem Rastogi says:

    Vinyl flooring actually looks quite cool :D.


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