Go gluten free with super yummy and healthy alternatives!

Health and fitness is such an essential criteria of your lifestyle. And whether it’s for fitter body or due to some health related issue, you are often seen avoiding gluten. Nothing wrong in it if only you are filling the gap with some equally healthy ingredients. Just for your better understanding, gluten is a type of protein that is found in various grains like wheat, barley, baked items, pasta, noodles and even in some beverages. (You have to check the ingredients of the food you consume very carefully if you are avoiding gluten in your diet.)

Basically all the food items that contain somewhat sticky substance or fibres in them do include gluten. While there are many health benefits of this protein as well, but some of the people aren’t just comfortable in consuming them. And many of you face extreme digestion problems while having the food that includes gluten. So when you aren’t having such an enriching nutrient in your diet, how are you going to compensate for the same? Well, obviously your body will require this form of protein in some way or another. But the good news is that there are some really good alternatives of gluten free food that you can consume and include in your regular diet. And believe as, there wont be any side effects.

For vegetarians:

If you are a vegetarian then there are some food items that you can consume to compensate for the missing gluten intake in your diet. These are:

  • Fruits and vegetable All the vegetables and fruits that are available are extremely gluten free. So, you can have them without any guilt and worries. And since they are full of essential nutrients, you stay healthy in having them as well.
  • Beans All the variants of beans are typically without any gluten and full of healthy proteins and fibres.
  • Chickpeas Chickpeas are another healthiest ingredient to touch up you ur diet with and doesn’t contain this form of protein.
  • Whole oats Oats are one of the healthiest food items then you can consume in any which form. But the whole oats doesn’t contain gluten and are very rich in essential fibres and minerals.
  • Olive oil Olive oil contains lots of antioxidants and it’s great if you are looking to lose your weight. And yes, it doesn’t all contain gluten.
  • QuinoaThe recent hype of quinoa as an active ingredient in your healthy diet isn’t a myth. People are actually getting aware of its various health health benefits and it’s great for weight loss and doesn’t contain any form of gluten in it.

For non-vegetarians:

If you are non-vegetarian, you get comparatively larger options to consider when it’s about gluten free products.

  • Eggs — Eggs are full of protein and don’t contain even an ounce of gluten. So, when you are having these, you get the proper intake of your proteins and absolutely no gluten.
  • Chicken meat — Chicken is another vital component to include in your regular meals which is entirely healthy and without any gluten.
  • Lamb, rabbit meat, mutton, turkey— All these meats have higher nutrient components and zero gluten level.
  • Sea food — Any kind of seafood doesn’t at all contain gluten. But if you are having fishes like tuna or pomfret for example, you get very high dose of proteins which is absolutely good for health.

Now that you have all the list of the gluten free items that you can devour, it’s better that you opt for them and avoid the ones that you are allergic to or have problems against.

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