Hair care for frizzy and dry tresses!

They say, what you know of hair care- yours is so short and thin! Well, it’s me who has struggled so hard to get a healthy hair knows exactly what it takes to get nice, lustrous tresses. I can very well understand how terrible it’s too have extremely frizzy hair and how difficult it’s to manage such tresses. Maybe that’s why I am always searching and browsing about the distinct ways to manage such frizzy and curly hair and make them look better.

So, I thought there might be some more people like me who’ll be struggling seriously to maintain and make such dry and damaged hair look presentable. Well, that’s why I came up with a post dedicated to all of you who have extremely frizzy, dry and curly hair. Come, let’s make your messy hair look cool and be a presentable part of your beauty than an eyesore.

Before we proceed further, you have to understand what exactly makes your hair dry and frizzy! Mostly it is due to the usage of extreme chemicals on your hair which damages it thoroughly. If not that there is some deficiency in your body (might be folic acids or proteins) which leads to search problem and even access exposure to sunlight and pollution causes your hair to become extremely dry and unhealthy.

Now, let’s read about the ways to tackle them and make them look lustrous and smoother!

The oil chumpy before hair wash — The traditional method of massaging your hair before washing it is actually a great perk when you are having extremely frizzy hair. It moisturises your roots and strands of hair thoroughly and when you use a mild shampoo, it just adds to the wonderful effect.

Never forget conditioning— For once you can forget combing your hair, but never ever forget conditioning on a dry and frizzy hair. Because if you are not following this procedure, your hair doesn’t get settled at any cost and obviously, you have to bear lots of tangled and frizzy look later.

Yoghurt and honey mask is magic — Both yogurt and honey have this tendency to naturally condition your hair. Even if you are using a synthetic conditioner, it doesn’t harm to utilise the benefits of nature on such hair. Just create a fine paste mixing yogurt and honey thoroughly and apply it on your hair for half an hour. Wash it off with a mild shampoo and find a long lasting effect on your hair that makes it looks smooth and shiny.

Frequent trimming is essential— You just can’t miss your regular session of trimming your hair when you have these in extremely frizzy form. Because of this frizzyness and dryness, you get split ends very frequently and this ultimately damages your hair more. By trimming it, you are cutting of everything that shouldn’t be present in your hair.

Keratin treatment can be life saver — Do you know that the keratin treatment is a shortcut to have lustrous and smooth looking hair for a long time? Yes, you can go for a keratin treatment in your favourite salon and have it treated carefully along with a blow dry session which makes it manageable and smoother for around two months.

These can be called the best and most suitable tricks to manage your extremely frizzy and dry hair. Believe me, I have tried them all! So, let’s see if these benefit you as well just like it did to me!

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. daisybala says:

    I’ve got frizzy dry tresses and your post came in handy for me! The tips you’ve mentioned are worth following! Great writeup!


  2. Navita Bhatia says:

    I went for the keratin treatment once but it didn’t seem to be of any help to my fuzzy hair. Maybe because I didn’t take the next sitting as suggested by them. Will certainly try yogurt honey mask. Thanks for these helpful tips.


  3. says:

    thank your for sharing!


  4. JOMTACC BLOG says:

    Definitely try a keratin treatment and make it last with the right products we do this service at my salon and it can last for 6-8 months on every texture of hair if cared for properly


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