Food review- 99 pancakes, lower parel, Mumbai!

Pancakes are a new craze in town! This years old tradition has been reinvented in glamourous new way with 99 pancakes! They are the most rapidly budding pancakes outlet in Mumbai, especially South Mumbai. Within a short span of time it has won hearts of almost all sweet tooth foodies out here in the city. As such as, whenever the description of pancakes occur, the name 99 pancakes automatically print on your mind and you are tempted to visit the place.

I voted out this place out of sheer curiosity as to knie what’s so good in their pancakes that people are going crazy over them. I always wondered why my kids would decline my home made pancakes and immediately order one from zomato and devour it greedily. And I must say, I found the reason to it.

They just make some spectacularly attractive pancakes. With smooth, soft and spongy pancakes all stacked in nutella, chocolates, caramel, fruits, you name it. The idea of tiny pancakes made with utter perfection will win your hearts. The presentation done expertly will aww you!

I totally got crazy over the lovely chocolate pancake and the red riding hood pancake which consisted generous amount of cream and strawberries and on top of yummy pancakes.

The crazy nutella shake is another must have here! The rich chocolate based shake topped with huge chunk of vanilla icecream cream, topped with chocolate chips and injected with nutella will give you some kidish feeling while having it.

And what else, I can let my kids have them without worry because the prepration is done with utmost hygiene and proper attention is given to the cleanliness of the place. Well, when you aren’t ordering it at home, you can enjoy the great device given by the friendly staff out here.

Try out the place with approximately Rs 400 for a couple. You can even check my whole zomato review here and the tempting videos below!

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  1. Wow! Food lover’s delight!


  2. Just wowww yaaa!


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