Home Remedies for Pregnancy nausea!

Pregnancy, a stage in a woman’s life that has so much more strings to attached to it! The journey that’s nine months long and makes you experience a new feeling each day. No two woman can say they had the same pregnancy period, neither can a same woman say she had the same issues with all her multiple pregnancies. Each baby gives her mommy a different time.

Similarly, there are always certain discomforts during pregnancy that a would be mother experiences. The feeling of these nine months and whatever she goes through during this time is unexplainable, undefinable. Though, the labour pains are highlighted massively, no one understands the pain that a woman bears during the entire period of nine months!

While the problems are innumerable, you can’t solve them all with medicines as medicines are often avoided during pregnancies as they can have some adverse and major effects on the baby. Hence, comes the lifesavers, the home remedies for pregnancy issues! These tips and cures doesn’t need you to hit any store or pharmacy, just need your kitchen stocks and are super light on your health and are extremely beneficial to treat the problems during pregnancy.

Honey lemon and ginger ale

We all know the common issues of nausea-tic feelings or morning sickness during the early terms of pregnancy. For some these stretch for three months, for few till six and for a handful the nausea lasts till the baby’s delivery. You just can’t keep taking tablets for the same for such long period. Well, during these times, this solution does the magic. Just pour some warm water or it can be on room temperature too, add in a teaspoon on honey, half lime’s juice and few strands of shredded ginger. If you have complexities, you can avoid the ginger during first three months.

Sugar cane juice

Do you know, a lot of vomiting during pregnancy often reduces your glucose level in the body and hence increases the nausea-tic feelings more? What’s more natural and best for glucose rebuilding than a fresh glass of sugarcane juice. You can have it chilled for better comfort in case you don’t already suffer from cold.

Milk- water and rose water solution!

Often, those vomiting during pregnancy are followed with severe problems of acidity and heart burn. And in most cases, it’s incurable no matter whatever you have! At least, you can relieve it with this solution. Add 1:4 ratio of chilled milk and water wherein, milk should be one part and water it’s third and add few drops of rose water. You can also add Roohafza sherbet if you like and drink it. This would definitely make you feel better and relieve that acidic attacks for some hours.

Ice cubes!

Ice cubes are the best comfort candies when you feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Just take some cubes and let it stay in your mouth for certain seconds, you can keep a glass with you to take it again for some time. This surely makes a huge difference against that nausea feeling.

Citric fruits

During pregnancy, citric fruits or their juices are the best natural remedies to cure nausea. They instantly relieve the uncomfortable feelings and are also full of vitamins and essential nutrients.

Well, now we have some great home remedies that would certainly help you a lot to cure the morning sicknesses and nausea during pregnancy.

P.S. sharing these tips with the experience of my own during my three pregnancies!

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109 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Pregnancy nausea!

  1. Reading your post brings back memories my pregnancy and the woes of it. I had severe nausea right to the seventh month! I never knew that sugarcane juice can control nausea…Interesting suggestions 🙂

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  2. This is such a well written and informative post. I’m sure all the pregnant mommies will benefit from it. I enjoyed reading the post because some of the handy remedies can be made use of instantly like sucking ice cubes. Thanks for the share!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this useful post with us…it will surely help to all the mommies to be out here . #MyFriendAlexa #DelhibloggerReads

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  4. Excellent tips. Simple and beneficial. In my case only Citrus fruit worked…that to, to a small some extent. But its a need at present that new would be mothers who stay away from their parents should be aware of simple tips to handle themselves better at this phase of life.

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  5. Its beeb a really long time since my pregnancies but I have horrifying images of nausea which lasted the whole 9 months. These are tried and tested methods that u share but then nothing works the same for everyone I guess. I did try them and all should coz if they work it would be great.

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  6. These are some lovely tips.. I wish I knew sugarcane worked wonders when I was preggy. It would helped me


  7. Some really useful home remedies here. I have to keep some of these in mind when asked in the future for ideas 🙂


  8. Luckily, Both my pregnancies were very smooth. But I have seen moms-to-be go through a tough patch.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa


  9. I used to keep ginger and mint leaves in a bowl by my side at all times and keep sniffing it for some relief. I wish I had known about these other remedies too!

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  10. Wish I had known these remedies during my pregnancies. Thankfully my nausea subsided after the first trimester.

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

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