Biotin – Everything you should know about it!

Biotin, also known as a kind of vitamin B complex source is pretty essential for your body. Like any other B sources, it helps to convert your food in to energy in your body. The one thing that’s extremely necessary for a healthy growth and developmental of our body.

Affects of biotin

You may heard a lot about the term biotin lately! But do you know it’s superb source for glossy growing hair, beautiful radiant skin and shiny well brimmed nails too? Yes, these can be termed as some benefits of biotin while its other benefits are also numerous.

Non vegetarian sources

Even though we know biotin is so much important, we couldn’t find it enough in our daily meals. Especially if you are a vegetarian. For non- vegetarians, they get a good amount of the source intake through liver and eggs. There’s a huge content of the same in liver and the egg yolk also has it in a large sum. But remember, overcooking of the yolk reduces it’s biotin level to a great extent.

Vegetarian sources

If you are a pure go green person, that is a pure vegetarian, you can have your source of biotin with vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, sweet potato, mushrooms and almonds. These veggies have a good source of biotin which is best in its form and quantity if eaten raw. Though, cooking them can add the taste factor to the nutrients, but the level of the vitamin compound is decreased in this way.

Satthwa biotin tablets

Satthwa Biotin capsules are one of the most effective ways to increase the biotin level in your body too. These tablets are 100% vegetarian which makes it suitable for almost all to have.(except pregnant and lactating mothers). A regular dose of these tablets as prescribed by your doctors will help you get better, shinier and thick, regrown hair. It also boosts your nail shine and growth along with giving your skin a radiant glow. Thus, the newly launched sathwa biotin capsules helps your food to get transferred in to energy and affecting the right places with the right ingredients.

Apart from this, you should also know that biotin works best if you take it the first thing in the morning. Since it’s water soluble and your body doesn’t store it in the organs, it increases your energy level if taken each morning. While taking it while sleeping can lead to disturbed sleep. Hence, always be wise in your biotin dose and have it when you need it the most!

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  1. Indeed a useful post, particularly for me. As someone with an allergy to vitamin b-complex, I am always looking for healthy natural alternatives. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. ginia says:

    Biotin is actually a B vitamin which is part of the B complex. It works great for hair growth and hair health.

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  3. Monika says:

    Good to know about Biotin . Thanx for the information


  4. I am also taking biotin for my nails and it works.
    Surbhi #surreads


  5. Janaki says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for the post


  6. I always wondered what was the fuss about biotin and now i know, thanks to this post
    #myfriendalexa #princyreads


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