3HF – a platform meant for home chefs and hygienic meals!

Are you a home chef and looking for an amazing platform to show off your skills and earn more? Then you obviously can’t resist reading this title! Yes, we are introducing a special website today called as 3HF – Home Health and Hygiene Food. It’s a fabulous new platform especially launched to upgrade the women home chefs of India. And not just that, if you are looking for home cooked meals that is made hygienically and is healthy too, they provide you that as well. Want to know all about this? Keep reading!


What is 3HF exactly?

First thing first! Let us tell you what is 3HF! It’s an initiative to uplift the women of India, especially the women chef population. They strive to provide a common platform for all the talented women out there to show off their skills to the world and even earn double through them. They also intend to provide hygienic home cooked meals to all those who want to regularly or occasionally enjoy such meals at their place and can’t cook these. So basically, 3HF is the bridging gap between a customer desiring home cooked meal and the chef eager to provide it to them!

The benefits for you as chef through 3HF

When you register for FREE on the 3HF website, you get the following benefits for doing so:

  • You get a source to earn more as they’ll bring lots of customers to you through their app
  • They provide you the packaging material and delivery convenience. (So absolutely no headache to you!)
  • Free health check up to ensure the food you’re sending is hygienic
  • Lots of fame to you as they send across your cooked meals to the top food bloggers for reviews and promotions.

The benefits you get as a customer through 3HF

When you are ordering food from the 3HF app – (the link for android app is this and the link for iOS app is this), you get these benefits through them:

  • Healthy, hygienic and homemade yummy food delivered straight at your place whenever you want
  • Live tracking of the meal being cooked
  • No minimum order

3HF being helpful during Covid 19 outbreak

India is currently facing the biggest fear and crises of its history. Well, 3HF is ready to help the country in this tough times too. Read how:

  • Providing home cooked healthy meals to Covid 19 patients at their doorstep at minimum charges
  • Providing meals to corona warriors like our doctors, nurses, medical staff at their locations at the least expense. (Even you can order to provide them these meals.)
  • Regular 3 times meal plans to coronavirus patients or house members at their location.

To conclude it perfectly, the launch of 3HF was much needed and is a win win situation for all. There are whole lot of more benefits of this app coming soon. Until then, it’s time you joined the bandwagon and enjoy all the benefits they are providing you!

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