Product review- Eyova egg oil!

Hair fall problem has been seen consistently in all! Earlier, it was restricted to only females above a certain age to get hair fall issues, but recently, due to excessive pollution and the stress level being on continuos rise, even kids and men are facing hair fall issues too. The other issues like premature greying of hair, dandruff, split ends and restricted hair growth are some other issues prevailing amongst individuals.

Although there see various ways to avoid hair fall issues, I have come across an amazing unique product recently, that helped me cope with the issues of dandruff, split ends and hairfall.

Eyova hair nutrient is world’s number one egg oil hair nutrient that contains the oil extraction of twenty eggs in a single 50ml. Eyova bottle. Keeping in mind the needs of it’s users it has made a product that is beneficial for all hair issues.

Consisting of nutrients like biotin, that helps promote hair growth, omega 3 and 5 that regenerates hair follicles, good cholesterol which repairs, strengthens and moisturizes hair, antioxidants that prevent aging and strengthens hair roots and immunoglobulin which helps to revitalize hair and maintain healthy hair and scalp.

I started messaging it slowly on the scalp to spread evenly and left it overnight and later washed it off with mild shampoo twice a week for a month. The results are impressive as I can rarely see any dandruff on my scalp now. Even the hairfall issue has been resolved with split ends getting scarce too.

You can try the product to believe of it’s amazing benefits for yourself and mark the amazing change in your hair growth. Buy it from amazon or flipkart or snapdeal. Do follow them on instagram to get more information.

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