Instacuppa and me!

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Health is nowadays everyone’s ultimate goal! But a healthy lifestyle seems a little more tricky to acquire. Regular schedules of workout, proper yoga sessions and accurate healthy diet comprises for the procedures involved for a healthy lifestyle. Which, we all more or less manage somehow. But, what’s most important is staying perfectly dehydrated and removing toxics of the body regularly. This is the most mandate step for a perfect healthy body.

Removing toxics from the body can be possible if we use good products for the same. I tried instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle, a great product with a infusing rod in the middle that allows me to put in the detoxifying agents in it which later gets locked in the lid. The amazing lock system makes it non leakable and the water stays fresh and the most detoxifying in it.

Black coffee is the one regular mantra I always have stay fresh. But due to my haphazard lifestyle, I could remake it every now and then. And once a made coffee can’t stay fresh old day. Hence, I got my hands on the Instacuppa coffee/tea infuser pitcher. Just add your required amount of coarse coffee in the infused rod in between and later add water and keep it chilling in refrigerator. When needed, just pour in your cup of black coffee and start your work on full bang on mood!

My husband is a huge fan of freshly brewed coffee. For him, I got an amazing gem of a French press coffee maker by instacupa. By just adding in coarse coffee beans and hot milk, mixing it lightly and pressing with the French presser I get the perfect cup of fresh coffee that’s keeps my husband going on all day.

When guests arrive, you need to present a perfect frothed drink to them. Whether it’s a hot chocolate drink for the kids or an aromatic cup of latte, without that finishing touch of frothing, coffee doesn’t seem exciting. With instacuppa milk frother, I get my coffees and other drinks presented amazingly with a great froth on it.

Getting my hands on these products have been quite easy too by just checking out through their website or buying it from Amazon too! I must say, for me, instacuppa has proved to be a saviour, what about you?

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