Ruling out hatred!

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It was strange. He was on the same alley that woman have told him about and he didn’t recognise any of his office staff there. Still he came out of the car and towards the gate of the long, old building. There was a half tilted old kind of board that read, women’s hostel. He came towards the group hovering over a body of someone. “Mr. Khan from Adil Khan firms?” A woman called him from behind and he turned and nodded. “Here, found her lying there wih no movement some time back and after checking her purse, we got your visitin card from in. Hence, we concluded she may be one of your employee and you can help us in any ways with her. I’m sorry but we couldn’t find anything else that depicted anything about her.” The woman explained her whole concept to him while the old lady clad in white dress came forward and started inspecting him through his glasses, “I know her. She came to stay in our hostel some days back and used to come late at nights. She knew well that after midnight the gates would shut and may be she was late again yesterday.” This woman had no mercy in her tones. He avoided them and quickly went there where his employee was lying. She was the one he guessed after the women said she had shifted here some days back.

All drenched in mud, soaked to her skin looking lifeless as if… as if she was dead. Something clutched his heart rightly, “I’ll die in streets than accept your offer.” He remembered her words. He bent down quickly without worrying about his clothes getting dirty in the mud, “ SARA, hey SARA! Wake up. Wakes up right now. Sara….” but she lay there as unconscious. “I think she is dead. Look at her colour.” Somebody from back commented. He nodded and grabbed her in his arms, lifted the light weight, lifeless girl and rushed towards his car and drived as fast as he could.

“Sara has been fighting death since quite some time now. She knew she was going to die soon. A month, fortnight, one day… she didn’t knew how much time she had left. But she was quite adamant she wouldn’t die in the hospital bed. I tried convincing her a lot, especially after knowing that she had no relatives or friends or anyone who could take care of her. But she said she wanted to spend the last days of life working independtly on her own and in her sweet home which was her everything.”
He remembered her clasping the house gates and crying clinging to it and the moment sadness and anger when he have announced of buying it.

He got the doctors number from her mobilephone when he tried to locate someone of her family or friends after he got her to the best hospital in the city. She was in intensive care unit and according to the doctors here condition was extremely critical and they can’t say anything. He was shocked to see just two three contacts of the office staff who had no idea about her relatives and later Dr. Azhar came in as soon as he heard about her condition.
“Is there nothing that can be done to cure her?” Adil Khan still couldn’t believe that little girl with such bravery in her voices was fighting with death everyday and knew about it. “I’m afraid not! Her aches had already increased a lot when she came to me with the complains of extreme pain, though I tried getting her some surgeries done, but the result can be 80:20 or the fear of her being on bed for the rest of her life which she never wanted. She is a hard working girl, worked her way to a better position in a good firm today.” “I’ll work till my last breath!” He sighed hard when her words came back in his mind taunting him.
“Is that why she was eating those weird things in meals and drinking that strange tasting juices?” He cleared his last doubts about her too. “Yes sir. Those are specally prescribed to her to keep her energy going. There’s a lot of weakness otherwise in her body which she won’t be able to cope otherwise.”
The doctor then excusd himself while he went to all with the other doctor who was incharge of Sarah’s case now and Adil Khan fell on the chair kept around him.
He was drowned in a sea of guilt. He remembered everything he have done to harasse her. What was the use of harassing a girl who was already harrased by nature, witnessing her death daily and all ready to welcome it with opem arms and no one to hold for support to.
“But not now! He won’t let her die like this. He’ll now pay for his bad deeds he had some for her. He believed in justice. His name ADIL meant justice in each terms and he always followed this mantra in his life. “But she was the one who slapped you ADIL!” His inner self strikes at him once again. He remembered that moment but today that moment didn’t bring the same anger in him. He recollected her face at that time but he didn’t felt angry on her, rather she looked very innocent to him. “Ok. She slapped me and she payed back well. But I have done more than slapping her. I will have to pay back too!” He ordered himself and with a firm decision taken went towards the room where she was being treated.

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