5 must have accessories on a fun trip!

A fun, adventurous trip can be a memory for a life time! It has everything that you can dream of! Friends, fun, adventure, hanging around, eating and so much more! When the memories associated to this trip are so special, you just can’t let the fun get destroyed because of some minor things missing out!

A successful fun trip depends on being equipped with all the accurate accessories! A proper list before setting off for the journey helps you remember to take everything needed and pack it well in your bag.

10 important accessories that you shouldn’t forget to pack for your fun trip!

A well equipped travel bag containing all the needful accessories is the biggest companion for any trip. To know what are these, read on!

  • Car charger— While you are on your fun trip, you just can’t stay isolated from the world. You have to keep giving people back home updates about your safety and proceedings. Not to forget going live on instagram and sharing your adventure with the world. There are numerous more tasks to be done on a cell phone which eats up the battery really fast. Thus, never ever forget the car chargers even by mistake. You would definitely need them every now and then.

  • Bluetooth headphones— A fun trip calls for enjoying your time listening to some catchy tunes. You would love to humm with the beats wearing your Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are directly connected through your mobiles and hence play all that you have stored in your phone playlist even when there’s a weak connection of songs playing on radio stations. While going for a fun trip, never forget to carry these along to have a trip that’s full of catchy tunes because of wearing them.

  • Neck pillow — A neck pillow guarantees comfort on long trips. A quick nap on the way in the car reclining on such pillow can be soothing and wonderful. Don’t miss attaching it in your luggage to catch that beauty sleep full of comfort.

  • Camera — Imagine exploring some wonderful destinations and not be able to view any of it in future! Thought itself is depressing. A camera helps you get all those memories caught up for futur remembrance. Get all your crazy moments clicked and saved in for later. And of course boasting them is for sure.

  • Navigator or GPS Map — A navigator comes acting as a rescuer whenever you’re in the middle of nowhere or couldn’t make out your way. It shows you the direction, the approximate time to reach the destination and even the blockage on the roads or such unusual congestions.

With these five accessories along with you on your adventure trip, you’re sure to have a compete fun package with no complains during this time.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Shweta says:

    Yes, I am with you as if anyone planning for vacation these five accessories are must and apart of it, the camera is a real-time requirement.


  2. Sweetannu says:

    Such a great list you have, some of the things I actually forget to carry. Now I can refer to this.


  3. Nitya says:

    I just loved these unique and quirky accessories! These are must for a trip!


    1. Sapna says:

      Accessories or gadgets.. But really a nice list


  4. I would also recommend a portable charger and a selfie stick


  5. mominprocessnow says:

    I so wanted to have this list… Thanks for sharing.


  6. Leha says:

    I don’t have a DSLR but the rest of the things you mentioned, I never forget !


  7. Aadhira says:

    A good compilation of needed ones..


  8. momtasticworld says:

    These are a must-have for any trip, I make sure to carry neck pillow and headphones.


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