The other side of food reviews!

With great position comes great responsibility! We all have heard the quote and who wouldn’t agree to it? Myself as a food blogger since three years, I have been lot in to this reviewing position lately. Reviewing food from street foods to fine dines, it’s all a matter of great concern. While everyone else think it’s all an excuse to have loads of food, I always consider it as my top most responsibility as my regular job and a great passion as a hard core foodie. Today, let me open up the other side of the food reviews, the other side of the coin that’s still veiled from majority.

As a home maker, I have been cooking varieties of food for around thirteen years now. In these past thirteen years, I have got all sorts of people, Indian and foreigners visiting my place and tasting what ever I have made. There are always those numerous comments and prasises about my prepared food that encouraged me so much and made the tiring process of cooking so much enjoyable. There have also been some comments those were not appropriate or I may say, heart breaking and left me wondering, what have I been doing around all these years?

Over the years, my passion for food exploring brought me amidst the blogging and reviewing world! Where in I stepped in to the process of appreciating the good food around me and reviewing and stating the same on my blog, Zomato, trip advisor and other such platforms. But, while I sank deep in to the sea of food blogging, I got to know about the different fishes that survive under the same water. Some with an incredible knowledge of the tiniest ingredients in the versatility prepared food, while some with little or no experience of swimming in this sea. There were also some even stating the food they tasted as bad and pathetic! This made me so sad, since childhood I was taught never to say anything bad about the food you get. What you may get as a morsel, is just in someone’s dreams. No food is bad,if you don’t like it, just avoid it, why bother telling everyone around about it!

But reading such lines which describe food as disaster and rubbish makes it just so unethical and rude! It’s true that when you are a reviewer, you have to state the facts correct to the people reading your reviews. It’s your responsibility. But everything can be dealt by two ways. We can either be ride in our reviews stating that particular food item was wrath tasting, or we can say, I wouldn’t recommend it much, but you can try the same if you want to. This conveys your message without breaking the heart of the chef involved.

Why do we just ignore the fact that the person preparing the food is but a human. He/she is destined to make mistakes just as we are. Why do we forget that these are the people who turn those raw vegetables in to beautifully cut dishes. These are the ones who mix all those different Coloring spices and turn them in to a similar coloured gravy! The ones who take all their efforts to stand on those heated rooms for hours just to make a captivating, deliceous tasting dishes. This job does take the pain just like any other does. From the small-time cooks on the road side stalls to the high class celebrity chefs at the great restaurants, each of them put in a similar kind of effort to prepare something. Can we just for a second, slip on their shoes and think, if we are resting a recent review on our food and someone stated the food prepared was pathetic, how would we feel? Will we be excited as before to serve the next customer awaiting us? Will be still be feeling that we did great by choosing this job as our profession?I know, each of us all will feel the same way at that time, totally negative!

The reason for putting all these thoughts out here is just to let that even minor chef inside us spring to life and understand, when someone would point out at our efforts rudely, how would have we felt?

We can point out the missing details of the food rather in a different way as our suggestions. They are always asking for the same. But negative and harsh comments, no one asks that, neither likes them.

So, the next time we go and visit someone’s place who is preparing a dish for us, or visiting a new restaurant for that matter or just having a food cooked lovingly by our moms, take some time to appreciate their efforts, let them know you care and you can even give your suggestions to them politely. And as for the latest craze in trends in review goes, carry on your duty as you do the usual way, and do give the desired subtle approach to whatever negativities faced. After all, a human always has that talent of exposing a matter from both the sides. Let’s from now on, explain our negative views even in a positive manner where this matter is concerned. Let’s make cooking food an easier job through our easy to go attitude and approach of the same. Remember, it’s not easy to cook thrice a day for 365 days and each day something that hasn’t been cooked yesterday!

Disclaimer: This post is absolutely my ideas and views on the matter above. This post isn’t aimed to anyone in particular as a blogger/reviewer or a company.

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  1. crypticcriticchan says:

    Hey this was really informative! really enjoyed this ❤ please check out my blogs as well!

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    1. Sure would love to check those. Thanks .


  2. tsveats says:

    Great post! I really enjoyed it and you put my thoughts exactly down on paper! ❤


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