Fastest four healthy recipes with prawns and fish this #worldhealthday!

The need for a healthy diet!

A healthy diet is a healthy you! In this day of continuous stress and excessive work load cramping our body and soul extensively, staying healthy has become an essential target that’s too difficult to achieve! Either we are always on a go, hence, we end up ordering those restaurant meals or start heating up the ready to eat food with loads of preservatives in it. We hardly think about getting our meals organised. Like, getting fresh raw materials delivered at home and then preparing some unique dishes with it. There are numnerous online stores like cambay tiger available doing so nowadays which do deliver fresh fish for our wholesome meal in the minimum time at our doorstep. The lack of time to catch up with basic exercise and walks adds up to this misery. The result is in front of us. The machine depended generation today have turned in to a 24/7 working machine with serious illnesses like insomnia, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, hazardous chronic diseases, PCOD and most of all, obesity.

Sea food, a healthier ingredient!

While being on a consistent quest on finding the best, fastest and healthiest meal pattern, I came across some quite useful tips and recipes to attain better health with quality eating. While I sorted out some excotic, healthier and quality veggies for the purpose, I also made quite a discovery with the non veg ones. For example, one of the fastest meal option in sea food, prawns are even low in calories and protein than in chicken, yet with much more protein. Prawns contain magnesium, which plays a role in nerve and muscle function and bone devolupment. Fish is slow fat high quality protein and is filled with omega 3 ac plus vitamins such a D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium, phosphorous and a rice source of minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

Searching rapid recipes

Thus, I got a hang on some of the easiest, fastest health food recipes that contains these two and tastes yummy too! Let me share it with all you sea food lovers and health conscious foodies, believe me, they are extremely filling, have got enough nutritions that your body needs and taste just more than amazing.
Grilled fish in beetroot puree

•1 whole silver pomfret (or any other fish of your choice) cleaned and salted.

•1 whole beetroot grind in to a puree form

•half lime juice.


Mix on the fish lime and beetroot juice and keep it for grilling in tltour oven at 180° for 20 minutes. Turn the sides in between to get both the sides grilled perfectly. Serve hot with green chutney and green salad.

Healthy prawns tricolor tikka
•250 grams large sized prawns cleaned and without tail.

•Half a cup of calcium all cut in cubes

•Salt to taste

•Teaspoon of Ginger garlic paste.


Add salt and ginger garlic paste to the prawns and keep it for around ten minutes. Add prawns and capsicum cubes to the stick for tikkas. Put it in your oven at 180° for 10 minutes. Serve hot with schezuan chutney.

Prawns honey and olive oil salad:
•250 grams large sized prawns, cleaned and without tail.

•Small piece of broccoli, capsicum, cabbage and bell peppers.

•Half tablespoon honey

•Half teaspoon olive oil

•Salt to taste.


•Heat some drops of olive oil in a pan, add the prawns to it and add some salt. Let the water evaporate.

•Cut the veggies in tiny pieces and mix them with cooked prwans. Add honey and a little olive oil from top as dressing and enjoy your healthy salad.

Tomato prawns curry cooked in olive oil
•1 cup large sized prawns, cleaned and without tail.

•1 cup tomato puree

•1/2 teaspoons of olive oil

•Half teaspoon ginger garlic paste

•1 teaspoon coriander powder

•1 teaspoon chilli powder

•1 teaspoon cumin powder

•Coriander leaves to garnish and sal to taste.


In a pan, crackle the prawns in olive oil,. Stir fry for two minutes more after adding salt and ginger garlic paste. Add the coriander, chilli and cumin powder to it along with tomato puree. Cook for ten minutes, and some water according to your desired consistency of the curry. Garnish it with some coriander leaves in the end and enjoy with steamed rice.

These are some of the excotic yet healthy dishes you can prepare with fresh sea food in just less than an hour. But, the quest that arises with it is, where is the time to shop for those fresh sea food for these health meals? Well, fret not, just bookmark cambay tiger on your mobile, or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and order from the various varieties of fresh sea food from them. They are the market leaders in serving fresh fishes since 1997.

As they say on their website, We clean it, cut it, fillet it, marinate it, and then either turn it into ready-to-cook fish products or freeze it. (There’s a whole science to freezing and storing.) Which is why not only does our fresh fish taste fresh, so does our frozen fish, marinated fish and our ready to cook fish.

So, why wait more? Get your choices personalised and customised the way you want them. If you like your fish marinated in a certain style, they deliver it so to you. If you love your sea food without tails, just like how I do, you can order it that way too.

As a better step for your better health, get going and start ordering your favourite sea food and cook it in the most delicious way with fresh sea food delivered from cambay tiger!

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